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How to de-clutter every Major room in your home

If you want to do some cleaning around your house, you should give yourself a better system in order to keep your home cleaner from that moment on. There are tons of organization tips and cleaning tips you can use to keep each room in your home looking spotless. Let’s take a look at a few of them for the different parts of your home:


When getting started on the bathroom, you will first want to clean out your medicine drawer. You most likely haven't opened it in a while and, whether you know it or not, medication can expire. You will want to throw out all the things that you completely forgot you had. As far as your bathroom sink goes, throw out any makeup or skincare products that might be outdated as well. Check out your shower and bottom drawers and discard anything that you don't use or no longer need. Try to move all the items you use often up to where you can easily access them. Consider buying small baskets or plastic containers to hold your products and items that you need to use on a daily basis. If you want a more finished look and even more easy accessibility, add labels. There will be so much more storage space after you've cleaned out all your drawers. Organize everything nicely for a clutter-free bathroom.


In this room, you will want to start with your nightstands. Your nightstands should really only hold items you need. You don’t need to place anything on your nightstand other than the products and items that you use before bed. You can make space for a lamp, the book you're currently reading, night creams, or maybe an extension cord with plugs for charging your devices (though I don’t recommend you sleep next to any electronic device).

This area should not have anything but what you need immediately before bed and when you wake up. Your floor should be absent of any clothes that you might have lazily changed out of and left there. Put any worn clothes in your laundry hamper and everything else where it belongs.


When you get to your closet, you should consider getting rid of the clothes that you no longer wear. If you haven't touched it in the past year, you probably aren’t going to touch it anytime soon. Consider donating such items to either charities, friends who will appreciate them or even throwing an clothes swapping party (be creative)! De-cluttering your closet allows you to know what you have, make your mornings more desirable and most importantly save you time.


A kitchen is a place where you cook, eat, drink, and socialize therefore, you will want to keep this room tidy and functional. First and foremost you will have to plan how organized you want your space to be. Using containers, dividers for your utensils, labels will help keep everything tidy. You will first want to empty all drawers, sort through them and only keeping the items you love or need. Organizing everything by category will help maintain your living room after time passes. Once that’s completed, work your way to your counter tops and wipe them down. You want to make sure everything is tidy since it’s one of the most used spaces in your home. Decide where you want each item to be placed based on convenience and least/most used. Once that’s completed, add your items in their designated container, label them accordingly and presto change-o you’re space is organized.

JPEG image-23023D5CA4E7-3.jpeg

Pantry Organization

This pantry was decluttered and organized and now reveals a functional and organized space.


It can be a little hard to keep this room clean since it is where you and your guests might hang out the most and because of that, it’s important to de-clutter this area regularly. As I mentioned before, before you start you first need to figure out your plan for this space. Figure out places to put all your items and how to store all of your items like video game consoles, remotes, and board games. If your home lacks space, ottomans are great for seating and for storing all in one. They are also very cute and will add a little style to your space.

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I recently completed a project that involved re-organizing a client’s filing system (electronic and non-electronic). With an immense growth of customers, the need for data management was evident. Though their filing system was fairly in order, it required cohesiveness for easier recognition from the owner and her team members.

The technique you use to organize and name your files will have a vast influence on your capability to find files later, as well as understand what they contain. It is important that you remain consistent and descriptive in naming and organizing files so that it is clear on where to find specific data or research.


From experience, it is important to set up a clear directory structure that includes information like the project title, a date, researcher or some type of unique identifier.

In your business be sure that when you create a naming process to enforce it as you add others to your staff. This will create organization within your team to prevent confusion.

 Below are some tips for file naming, sorting documents and file numbering

  • Proper date designation = YYYYMMDD or YYMMDD
  • Avoid using special characters ~ ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) ` ; < > ? , [ ] { } ' " and |
  • Too keep files in sequential order lead each file with zeros (001, 002, 0040…)
  • Keep file names short, descriptive and sweet. Most software cannot recognize long names.
  • Use date file was created (using proper date designation) then business name after
  • ONLY store PDF files
  • Store all editable (live) files in one folder; keep away from other PDF documents
  • Stay away from spaces. If spaces are needed, here are examples to use:
    • Underscores: xxx_xxx
    • Dashes: xxx-xxx
    • No separation: xxxxxx
    • Cap case: XxxXxx
    • Sort existing files by type, project, company, month, time frame or etc…
    • If receive file externally, file in clients folder that reads “XXX External Documents”
    • Use unique identifiers for each file
    • invoice#-tax ID-fiscal month – Accounting department (e.g., 00245-555555-20150521)
  • blog_month_location_blogtitle – Blogger (e.g., blog30_04_NewYork_TheBigApple
  • date-case#_casename – Lawyers (e.g., 20130124-367_Smithonian
  • internalidentifier#Patientname(Lastname1st) – Doctor (e.g., 0010DoeJohn)

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5 tips that will help you stick to your New Years resolutions


Tip #1 — Make one small change a day It’s much easier to make a small change then a big change. By the time you know it, all those small changes will turn into big changes. Always start small.

Tip #2 — Make them easy to stick to

Allow your resolutions to be realistic rather than wishes. For example, If you want to lose weight rather than saying you want to lose 50 lbs in three months make a goal of losing 10 lbs in your first month. This way you are more likely to reach your goal instead of getting frustrated and reverting to your old habits.

Tip#3 — Start today

The reason we put things off is because either we enjoy living in a fog of complacency or we fear failure. What we need to understand is the least resistance goals never makes an impact in our lives and that the greatest failure of all is not trying. So rather than starting your resolutions in the New Year start them today and see your accomplishments sooner than later.

Tip#4 — Make it FUN!!!!!

Making something “difficult” Fun instantaneously increases your motivation and decreases your boredom and also makes it require less effort, which results in less agony to handle. For example, if your resolution is to find a new job rather than doing so the standard way, make the process fun by taking entertaining personality tests. These tests will help you figure out what career matches your personality and it’s fun to do. It takes out the stress and boredom of job searching.

Tip#5 — New Years Resolutions/Self-improvement Goals

Because the term resolution is becoming a phenomenon and now a days its hardly ever kept, the efforts toward self-improvement changes your psyche therefore changing your habits. This method also allows you to be passionate about your resolution and committed to making the change in your life. Which sounds better to you resolution or self-improvement? I know my answer.

Be Wonderful!

5 Unrecognizable Gift Ideas for those loved ones that aren’t so Organized

Have you ever gone to one of your family member’s home and noticed that their humble abode was not so humble. Sure it’s not polite to tell someone that their place is unorganized or that you’re uncomfortable at their home but it is polite to help them improve their home by giving them a gift. An Unrecognizable One!!! hahaha

Below you will find five gift ideas to give to someone who may need some organizing help but they don’t need to know that.


Jewelry Box

If you like luxury items like I do then this item is a great one to give to someone. It not only functions as a jewelry box, it is beautiful to look at.


A Crystal Jar

Though jars seem basic and underwhelming, a crystal jar is different. It looks elegant and expensive and most importantly can be used for many things. Great ways to use clear jars are to use them for your receipts. This helps keep them all in one place and is an easy way to never forget where they are.


Decorative Storage

To the normal person these are just décor pieces that help enhance a home but they also serve more functions. They are hollow inside which creates storage making the possibilities endless. This gift is great for those who tend to have disorder on their floors.


Personalized Toiletry Bag

Other than this being beautiful on its own it functions as a toiletry bag for the times you travel. The true icing on the cake for me is personalizing it for that special person.

wall organizer (target)
wall organizer (target)

Wall Organizer

From experience wall organizers usually get a bad wrap due to their appearance but they are hidden gems. The great things about wall organizers are they are multifunctional and inexpensive. After I purchased mine three years ago my life has drastically changed. Not only am I always on top of my bills and no longer have piles of letters sitting on my kitchen countertops, which for me is a Win Win!

Obviously there are many other unrecognizable gifts to give to our loved ones, I just thought I’d share the ones I love to give out. I hope this helps your holiday shopping become easier. If it doesn’t then blame me: I don’t mind ;) Happy shopping!

Be Wonderful!

How to Kick Clutters A!% Once and for ALL

As most of us were taught growing up “ Its better to fight with your words and not with your fist” or something like that. Clutter though annoying and at times underrated is something we secretly hate (for lack of a better word) or at least I do. Our homes are our sacred place where we come and relax… at least that’s the way it should be. It’s the place where we go when life is punching us in the face and when our not so nice boss has just given us a pink slip. The best thing about our homes is that it is where the heart lives and that to me is the most important.

The issue with clutter is it turns our homes from being our holy grail to a dumping ground. Not only that, clutter clouds our judgment and creates negative energy in our space.

Below are four steps that can help you combat clutter and kick it’s a!%:

Step #1: Typically I would recommend walking through the space that needs decluttering and remove everything in the space but this time I’ll suggest something different. Write down exactly what you want the room to function as and look like (be sure you are specific and clear because this allows you to have a guideline when you lose focus.

Step #2: Create 3 compartments using either storage bins, laundry baskets or even trash bags and designate them for certain jobs. Ex: one can be for things you want to keep, throw away or donate.

Step #3: Go through every single piece of item in your space and determine which compartment they belong to. After figuring that out, you’ve now completed 70% of the work. Good Job you’re almost there!!!

Step #4: At this point all of the items you want to keep in the space are ready to be placed in its area. Make sure that all items that are used most often are in eye level. This makes it easier for you to find these items and not spend excess time looking for them. To keep a more minimalist look, I’d suggest adding storage baskets, or something that can “house” your stuff. For example, if you are organizing a storage room that has bookshelves, you should include baskets that can hold some of the books that don’t necessarily go with the over all décor of the room. To make your closet look visually appealing, I’d recommend color coordinating your clothes and shoes. See the below for color schemes to follow. Once you are finished placing everything where it needs to go then you are DONE!

color wheel
color wheel

Congratulations you did it!!!

1,2,3 Miracle Fold

So it’s been three weeks now and ohhhh how my life has changed. Let me explain! Most of my life I’ve enjoyed folding clothes. One can say in a way it’s therapeutic. The only issue I’ve had was it is time consuming and it never really looks as neat as I like it to look. About 1 month ago I came across an organizer’s Pinterest post and was mesmerized by what I saw. Is this real? Does this really exist? If it does, where in the H-E-double hockey sticks can I get it? I clicked the post and there it was the “Miracle Fold.” I must have been living under a rock for a while now because this gadget wasn’t new to the market, in fact, it has been on the market for a couple of years now. Okay back to the story. I purchased it as quick as I could click the link and have been changed for life. The great thing about this particular brand is it is made with quality and is easy to use. It’s so easy my 4-year-old niece can use it without my guidance. YES that easy! Below is a step by step pictorial instructions on how to transform your drawers, cabinet, shelves or whatever you put your folded clothes/items from ordinary to organized.  

Step1: Place your item on the gadget as the instructions suggests. Keep in mind you will have to do this differently to certain clothes/items.

Step2: 1,2,3 FOLD. If you want your clothes to be folded neat and tight, you can fold one more time. This extra step makes a huge difference.

Step3: Place your now beautifully folded clothes back in its space (for the sake of this post I’ve used a drawer as my clothes home) facing down as the picture. This creates more space in your drawer and allows you to see exactly where you’ve put everything.

See it’s that simple! Just make sure you don’t do what I did and almost break your drawer because of continuously opening and closing it to see your clothes. Hehehe!!!

Stay Wonderful