How to Kick Clutters A!% Once and for ALL

As most of us were taught growing up “ Its better to fight with your words and not with your fist” or something like that. Clutter though annoying and at times underrated is something we secretly hate (for lack of a better word) or at least I do. Our homes are our sacred place where we come and relax… at least that’s the way it should be. It’s the place where we go when life is punching us in the face and when our not so nice boss has just given us a pink slip. The best thing about our homes is that it is where the heart lives and that to me is the most important.

The issue with clutter is it turns our homes from being our holy grail to a dumping ground. Not only that, clutter clouds our judgment and creates negative energy in our space.

Below are four steps that can help you combat clutter and kick it’s a!%:

Step #1: Typically I would recommend walking through the space that needs decluttering and remove everything in the space but this time I’ll suggest something different. Write down exactly what you want the room to function as and look like (be sure you are specific and clear because this allows you to have a guideline when you lose focus.

Step #2: Create 3 compartments using either storage bins, laundry baskets or even trash bags and designate them for certain jobs. Ex: one can be for things you want to keep, throw away or donate.

Step #3: Go through every single piece of item in your space and determine which compartment they belong to. After figuring that out, you’ve now completed 70% of the work. Good Job you’re almost there!!!

Step #4: At this point all of the items you want to keep in the space are ready to be placed in its area. Make sure that all items that are used most often are in eye level. This makes it easier for you to find these items and not spend excess time looking for them. To keep a more minimalist look, I’d suggest adding storage baskets, or something that can “house” your stuff. For example, if you are organizing a storage room that has bookshelves, you should include baskets that can hold some of the books that don’t necessarily go with the over all décor of the room. To make your closet look visually appealing, I’d recommend color coordinating your clothes and shoes. See the below for color schemes to follow. Once you are finished placing everything where it needs to go then you are DONE!

color wheel
color wheel

Congratulations you did it!!!