Affluence and Architecture

With your affluence and character rich structural designs, the Heights Houston is the true MVP – most valuable place to life.

Rescue My Space's duty is to make your space even more valuable by adding quick and simple organizing solutions. We organize according to the design of your home/business plus we make sure it fits your current lifestyle.  

The organizing consultants at Rescue My Space make your needs priority therefore, we begin each meeting with a "get to know you" analysis.  We understand that you know your space more than we do thus, we encourage your input and ideas.

We understand the impact the arts, nature and good fun play in your life, we will tailor your space to fit what you love the most.

The Organizing Consultant Process




You create a close bond with your organizing consultant. You allow yourself to be vulnerable and open. You trust them with your confidential information. You create a lasting relationship with them.

No more organizing alone. Your organizing consultant will listen to your ideas, incorporate them with their expertise and create an organized space that fits your current lifestyle.

Your homes will work for you and not against you. You will have more clarity. Your stress levels will decrease and most importantly, you will have time to focus on what you love.