Judi Igwe1

Growing up in my household wasn't always the most comfortable.

I grew up in a small one bedroom apartment in the south east side of Houston. There were five of us and two beds and at the time, I loved every thing about it.  The apartment complex we lived in was old, full of rodents and the best place to grow up, at least that's what I felt. There I experienced my first crush (who surprisingly happens to be my future husband), my first battle wound and at times discrimination. This was a place of firsts which eventually became my lasts 20 years later.

Now let me take you inside our apartment. Before you'd walk through the door, you'd see an old run down eroded gate with a squeaky handle that only locked when it rained. Before you walked in the home, you'd notice thick layers of paint that had been peeled off through the years. We had two windows, one in the living room and the other in the bedroom ─ though they were covered with thick cloth and tons of medical equipment.

Judi Igwe 2

I needed Solutions.

I remember wishing we had more space. I didn't realize how being organized would change my existence then but it did. For me it was more than creating more space, it was gaining mental freedom. Don't get me wrong it was cool showing the neighborhood kids all the weird stuff we had in our apartment, there was a sense of pride knowing our home was different but when it got quieter my anxiety grew.

Doing laundry for me was a way to combat my unease and create order. It provided a sense of calmness I needed. The folding, the hanging, I have a scar on my right eyebrow (one of my battle wounds) for evidence (#deathtowirehangers). This was like art to me and that says a lot for someone who lives to create. After realizing the clarity organizing created in my own life, I knew there had to be a way to help others who were experiencing troubles with their cluttered space.

Rescue My Space was born.

As years went on, organizing became a way of life for me. My early organizing "clients" were my family and close friends though I didn't called it "organizing"  to me it was interior enhancements. It wasn't until during one of my many job hiatuses I posted a Craigslist ad about my services ─ thanks to one of my friends who pushed me to do so. I didn't get any prospects until three years later after posting that ad and there Rescue My Space was born.

Rescue My Space is more than just an organizing company, this is a place where you are allowed to be your authentic self, where individuals can share their experiences and connect. Where judgment no longer exists.

Through our content, organizing services and our online platform ─ we are here to help you gain the most out of your life. We want to help you create a better way to live without the clutter around you. An organized space that exudes who you are and what you want to become.

Whether you need help decluttering your space or looking for ideas on how to improve the way your life functions, we're here to help you experience the benefits of being organized.