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If you’re curious to know your organizing level and style that fits your home needs, read or watch our video below. This will help you understand the different levels we can create in your space and help you determine your home goals.


Many individuals want to get organized and typically have an image in their minds of what an organized space looks like but in most cases don’t understand what it truly requires to achieve their ideal organized space.

Getting organized not only requires time and a lot of it, it also requires an understanding of your space, changing old habits and in some cases money. Because of these elements, there are three major levels Rescue My Space has created and can be achieved in your space once you’ve determined your home goals, level of comfort and budget.



This organizing level is functional and realistic therefore the organizing style is practical and useful, rather than attractive. The goal of this level is to optimize the amount of space you have and to only create specific categories for everything in your space so they are easily accessible.  

Though visually the eyes may see clutter after getting organized, the space is organized and manageable. Keep in the mind the multiple colors of the items in your space can create a cluttered feel when in fact it’s organized.


This level is both functional yet uniform so the organizing style is both practical and easy on the eyes. To successfully achieve this level's full potential, reducing the amount of items in the space as well as creating cohesiveness is the main goal.

In this level organizing products are typically incorporated in the organizing process to to increase the visual appearance though the type of organizing products are typically inexpensive brands or made from items around the house. 

Therefore, the container color, size or their congruence typically isn’t a major factor in getting your space organized.


This level is what most individuals seek out to achieve. It is beautiful, clean looking, distinctively designed, has an organized appearance and can be categorized as #home goals. Though this is the favorite of most, it is not as functional as the other levels plus it’s unlikely to stay organized especially for people who are new to the organizing game.

In order to achieve this organizing style, you must (1) be open to owning less (a lot less), (2) be willing to spend money on organizing products (this can get expensive), and (3) maintain your space regularly (it’s achievable but requires a lot of work).

Unlike Level 2 where bins are incorporated just to create a more uniform appearance, the bins added to a Level 3 space need to match and most items will be in a container. Plus, now all items will be contained, you will lose area space therefore limits the amount of stuff you can bring into the space. Though this is a great organizing level, just keep in mind it will require extra attention because the motive behind it is for you to keep it up — which can be difficult to do especially during busier times. 

Though all levels of organizing are great because the goal of getting organized is achieved, it’s important you understand the different organizing styles and recognize which best fits your lifestyle.