Being just seconds aways from Interstate 69 and well priced homes, Stafford stands as one of the most sought out area to live in. With the large amounts of commercial activity that helps the city financially, there’s no wonder why though small, many people enjoy the fruits of its labor.

Because of your character, we at Rescue My Space are happy to get your residences organized. We understand the importance of work and life balance therefore we work accordingly to your needs. To further explain our mission to your residences, below is our oath to providing the best services you’ll ever experience.

Trust Rescue My Space with your home. WHY?

100% Confidential. What we see in your home never gets discussed outside of the organizing session. Whether you choose to hire us or not, your personal information is kept private forever.

We Put You First. Your visions and ideas are taken seriously and we make sure they are implemented in your space organizing plan. If your vision isn't portrayed accurately, we will go back to the drawing board and make sure we get it right.

We Are Experts. Combined our experience exceeds 10 years. We are up to date with what's new in the market and consistently educate ourselves with the latest products and tools.

We Are Honest. We believe the way to true connection is through honesty. This helps form relationships between both parties and aids in the security between each interaction. Thus, helps empower one another which results in a beautiful and functional organized space.