1,2,3 Miracle Fold

So it’s been three weeks now and ohhhh how my life has changed. Let me explain! Most of my life I’ve enjoyed folding clothes. One can say in a way it’s therapeutic. The only issue I’ve had was it is time consuming and it never really looks as neat as I like it to look. About 1 month ago I came across an organizer’s Pinterest post and was mesmerized by what I saw. Is this real? Does this really exist? If it does, where in the H-E-double hockey sticks can I get it? I clicked the post and there it was the “Miracle Fold.” I must have been living under a rock for a while now because this gadget wasn’t new to the market, in fact, it has been on the market for a couple of years now. Okay back to the story. I purchased it as quick as I could click the link and have been changed for life. The great thing about this particular brand is it is made with quality and is easy to use. It’s so easy my 4-year-old niece can use it without my guidance. YES that easy! Below is a step by step pictorial instructions on how to transform your drawers, cabinet, shelves or whatever you put your folded clothes/items from ordinary to organized.  

Step1: Place your item on the gadget as the instructions suggests. Keep in mind you will have to do this differently to certain clothes/items.

Step2: 1,2,3 FOLD. If you want your clothes to be folded neat and tight, you can fold one more time. This extra step makes a huge difference.

Step3: Place your now beautifully folded clothes back in its space (for the sake of this post I’ve used a drawer as my clothes home) facing down as the picture. This creates more space in your drawer and allows you to see exactly where you’ve put everything.

See it’s that simple! Just make sure you don’t do what I did and almost break your drawer because of continuously opening and closing it to see your clothes. Hehehe!!!

Stay Wonderful