How to Organize a Small Kitchen

Regardless on the size, our kitchen it’s the heart of the home. We eat in our kitchen, teach in our kitchen and sometimes even cry in our kitchen and because of it’s multiple uses, it’s important we keep it organized and clean. With that said, when you have a small kitchen it’s a lot more difficult to keep it organized due to lack of storage. With less storage, you are prone to throwing items into the closest drawer to try to fit it all in or on to the countertops. If you want to create more room in your small kitchen, you’ve got to declutter and get it organized. Here’s how to do so.


If you’re looking to organize any space in your home purging is the first and most important step to start at. Take out everything from your kitchen and place them on a flat surface. It’s best to do this in sections, of course! Sort through all items and only keep the items you love and/or use. For all other items, get rid of them by either selling them, donating them or throw them away (only if they’re damaged, duh).


Because you lack storage adding bins to your kitchen cabinets help create division especially for those items that are either in multiples or not appealing to look at. Binning items like cleaning cloths, shot glasses or even wine glasses are a great way to organize your cabinets without cluttering your cabinet.



I can not stress the importance of using drawer organizers in kitchen drawers especially in a small kitchen. Drawer organizers help you use all the space in your drawers which is perfect when you have a limited amount of drawers and helps you create more space to store your kitchen items. They also help keep your drawers neat which is key to maintaining an organized space.


Hanging kitchen items like measuring cups and spoons on the back of kitchen cabinets is a great way to use unused space in a small kitchen. Using hooks allow you to take advantage of the vertical space in the cabinet which of course is important when organizing a small kitchen. If using the back of the cabinet doors isn’t an option for you, try using the back of the cabinet to hang your items.


When things are easily accessible it’s not only easy to grab them, it’s easy to put them away. Choose a cabinet section you want to install the pull out drawer. I would suggest choosing the cabinet space you place your pots and pans in or in your largest cabinet. Installation takes less than hour and once you’re done, you will have a functional storage system.


As simple as this may seem, keeping our countertops clean is not an easy thing to do for a lot of us. When your countertops are clean, it gives the illusion that your space of any size is organized especially in a small kitchen. One way to clear off your countertops is to first make sure everything on your countertops have a home. One of the main reasons why we keep items on our countertops is because there’s no other place to put them. To combat this issue, you need to dedicate at least an hour to the cause, go through your kitchen and see where you can create new homes for these items and get rid of all unused items. Once that’s done, place the items on the countertops in their new home and label the area for easier accessibility.


This was probably a tip I juggled with because I believe a junk drawer is important to have in the kitchen. The reason why I’ve mentioned it is because if you have a small kitchen and storage is your issue, removing the junk drawer will free up the drawer, therefore, give you a new area to designated other important kitchen items to. To avoid overwhelm when doing this, try creating a junk bin which replaces the junk drawer. You can also create a list of the items that are in this bin so if you’re looking for a certain item, you can read the list to make sure the item you are looking for is in the bin before going through it. Place your now junk bin in another location maybe in the kitchen or in a nearby area and now you have a new drawer to use.


Whether you have a large kitchen or a small kitchen, creating an organized kitchen provides great benefits for you, your family and the overall value of your home. It not only makes a small kitchen appear larger, it makes it safer for anyone to use. Just be sure you put items back in their place after each use so that it stays organized for good.

If you need help organizing your small kitchen, feel free to comment below and let me know what your concerns are! I’m always happy to help.

Spaces That You Should Organize Daily - Our Guide

When it comes to daily organizing, it can feel like a major chore. But there are quite a few spaces that you should organize every day so that you don’t build up excess items that you don’t need. Taking a few minutes of your time each day to clean out these things will help you stay in control of your space and belongings. If you aren’t already, here are some of the things you should be decluttering every single day:


Cleaning your bag daily will keep it organized and clutter-free. When we bring our bag places, sometimes we tend to throw things like receipts or candy wrappers into it. Many of us will treat our handbags as a trashcan, so get rid of those little things so you aren’t lugging junk around all day.


This is another place where you shouldn’t keep any unnecessary things. Remove things like receipts and other scraps of paper, such as money. You can also make sure that your cards are all in their proper slots and that nothing is missing. Remove any excess coins that might be sitting around in your coin purse, weighing your bag down.


Sometimes we just rush in and out of the house on a daily basis. Whether you were heading to the gym or you just took a quick shower before work, we all have a little pile of clothes sitting in the corners of our rooms. Return all items to their proper places. You should fold or hang up any clothes that you have not worn yet and make sure to put any dirty laundry that you’ve already worn away into a laundry basket or hamper.



Whether you have a work area at home or you work in an office building or studio, you will want to keep it clean. An organized workspace will allow you to focus more on your job or task at hand. It will also allow you to find things more easily, as you won’t have to root around in your drawers looking for things when they’re organized better.


If you use your car every day, it’s probably best you avoid leaving empty coffee cups or other pieces of garbage lying around in it. Take some time at the end of the day, even for just a few minutes, to clean out all the random trash you might’ve left in your car.


You want to make sure that your kitchen counters are clean and that they’re a welcoming workspace for cooking. When you’re making food in the kitchen, you don’t want random clutter sitting around. Besides, having extra space for chopping or rolling can really make cooking faster and more efficient.


If you’re one of those people that have thousands of unread emails, you will definitely want to clean up your inbox, even though it’s all digital! Whether you read the emails, answer them, or delete the ones you don’t need to see, it is important that you do declutter your email so that you can see the important ones that you actually need to read.



It might not seem so important to make your bed every morning because you’re going to sleep in it again tonight anyway, right? But cleaning up your bedroom and making your bed will make your space feel more inviting and if you have surprise guests coming over, your room will look a lot more organized.

If you’re looking for a Professional Organizing company in Houston, TX to help make more space in your property, get in touch with Rescue My Space today! We’re always more than happy to help.

3 Simple Ways to fold A Towel

Towels are an important item in our lives. They are soft, durable and most importantly get us dry. Below are just a few simple ways to fold a towel which can save space and display beautifully.



Step1: Spread your bath towel on a flat surface and fold the long side of the towel in half.

Step2: Take the left side of the folded towel and fold it towards the middle and do the same with the right side

Step3: Position the towel in front of you and take the edge of the towel and fold it over to the other side twice creating a tightly folded towel.  

Screen Shot 2019-04-17 at 11.37.30 PM.png



Step 1: Spread your bath towel on a flat surface

Step 2: Fold the long side of the towel up in half.

Step 3: Take the left side of the folded towel and fold it towards the middle and do the same with the right side

Step 4: Position the towel in front of you and instead of folding over twice, fold it over once with the edge of the towel on top exposing the towel design.  

Screen Shot 2019-04-17 at 11.38.17 PM.png



Step 1: Spread your bath towel on a flat surface

Step 2: Fold the long side of the towel up in half.

Step 3: Grab one of the corners and bring it across creating a triangle until it is parallel to the far edge.

Step 4: Flip the towel over and then fold the corners in thirds.

Step 5: Flip the towel over again making sure the corners are facing down except the top towel corner.

Step 6: Tightly roll your towel up and tuck exposed towel corner inside the towel.

Screen Shot 2019-04-17 at 11.39.07 PM.png

 If you’re interested in watching the 3 Simple ways to fold a Towel video, check out the below.


3 Simple ways to Death Clean

If you were to die tomorrow, how hard would it be for your loved ones to sort through your stuff?

When I first came across death cleaning all I could think of is cleaning until you die. Like cleaning so hard you just fall over and die. Crazy right?? Before we get into different ways to death clean, it’s important you understand what death cleaning is. Well I’m going to tell you!

Death cleaning is a practical way to deal with your stuff as you approach your wiser years which is based on the book, The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning: How to Free Yourself and Your Family From a Lifetime of Clutter by Margareta Magnusson. I know that’s a hell of a long title. Death cleaning prevents the hardship of your family having to handle the things you leave behind after you die. The overall message from the book is to begin decluttering so your death isn’t such a burden for those you leave behind. Even though it sounds morbid, it’s important we look at death cleaning as a way of life rather than a preparation for death.

Okay, now that you know what death Cleaning is let get right into it.


Get rid of the unnecessary items in your life right now because honestly, you’re never to young to start. Before you begin death cleaning, you first need to decide on which space in your home you want to tackle first. Per Margareta you should start in areas like the closet, kitchen or storage unit first. With that said, go through your home and remove all items that have no meaning in your life today or in my words SHIT. You can go through your personal notes and photographs last since those ignite a lot of emotion.



Similar to a will or even life insurance, a death fund will give your beneficiary access to your funds and give them the right to hire whom ever they want to get rid of all your stuff when you pass. If you will be alive when death cleaning, putting this fund away will help make the process of death cleaning less overwhelming and quicker since of course you’ll have help. In order to determine what the cost will be to hire a death cleaning specialist, which there are a lot of nowadays, do some research in your area to see what the average cost would be and set it aside for either when you’re ready or for after you pass on.


Create a box filled with items you love and only you will enjoy. Be selfish since its only you who will own it. In order to make the process of tossing this box easy when you pass, make sure you label it “throw away”, “burn it” or even “get rid of this shit” and that it’s large enough so anyone reading can follow its clear instructions. When you pass your family member will understand they can throw away without guilt. Because guilt is the main reason why we hold onto items therefore we feel guilty to get rid of them even if they have no meaning in our own lives.

Rather than looking at death cleaning as a chore or a selfish act, try looking at it has a relief from meaningless items. Because at the end of the day when you pass, you won’t be taking any of your items with you.

If you’re looking for a Professional Organizer to help you death clean or just have questions about how to properly death clean, get in touch with RMS today! I’m happy to help!

How to get rid of Sentimental Items

This is a subject that probably carries the most weight out of any other matter I’ve ever encountered in my line of work. Sentimental items are the reasons to some of our existence. They hold a lot of weight, encompass our history and most importantly conjure memories that bring smiles to our faces. Lets be honest, the sentimental items we possess hold a special part in our hearts therefore they can NEVER be replaced let alone rid of.

Trust me, I get it. I currently have a box of sentimental items at my parents house right now and the thought of getting rid of them bring anger to my heart. Okay, maybe not anger to where I’d punch a hole in the wall if they were gone. More so, the kind of anger that feels like part of your heart has been ripped out of your body. Like when someone tells you, “ I have to tell you something” and you know what comes after that is information that will piss you off.

I can go on and on about the fear that takes over my body when I have to get rid of sentimental items but that’s not what this is about. Or is it? Okay, it’s not.

Buttons now has a home and is happier than ever!

Buttons now has a home and is happier than ever!

I’ve had to deal with getting rid of sentimental items my whole life. As my life would change, those items no longer had a place in my environment. Because of that, I had to find different ways to cope with the loss which has gotten me here today. Below I have 2 things you can do right now, that will help you get rid of those sentimental items that once had a purpose in your life. Remember these are things I’ve done in my life that have impacted me so it may be different in yours.


Just from reading the title you probably already know what I’m talking about. Because the items in our lives typically have a life cycle, the best way to remember your sentimental items is to take a picture of it. What this does is captures the item in it’s current fresh and beautiful state and allows you to visualize the joy the item once brought you. Whether the item was given to you from your grandma, your first expensive purchase or even artwork from your child, it will eventually be forgotten especially if it’s out of sight. Rather than just storing it away behind old “nothings (things you’ll never use again)” therefore collecting dust, say cheese and take a picture of it. You can even take it a step further and create a book or an album full of your sentimental items. Once created, you can place it on your coffee table and make it a conversation starter. Just a thought.


  1. As you read above, I do have a box full of sentimental items dating back to elementary. I’ve held onto letters, dead rose pedals and an ugly key chain I will neva eva eva eva eva eva use. Each and every item in that box reminds me of a person, place I’ve been to or time in my life I apparently still want to experience. Though these things mean nothing to me at this time in my life therefore I know no longer need them in my life, there’s a reason I’m sill holding on to them. What will I do with an old sock I wore in middle school? Nothing….. With that said, holding on to a few (10 items at the maximum) I think is okay. We are all different and have experienced different things in our lives so I can’t tell you what to keep and get rid of but I do believe holding on to a few will combat unnecessary clutter and still allow you to hold on those things that mean something to you. Of course you do need to understand you will be sacrificing some.

The goal of this post is to share my personal experience with sentimental items in my life and give you some ideas on how you can get rid of or minimize them. As you are, I am always going through my own organizing journey so I hope this brings some ideas on how you can remove the excess clutter out of your life so you can live free.

5 Signs It's Time to Declutter Your Closet

If you feel like you own more clothes than other people usually do or have to spend a considerable amount of time digging into a massive pile of clothes to find the outfit that you want to wear, it may be time to go through your entire closet and start picking out the ones you no longer want to keep.

You can minimize the amount in your closet by donating unwanted garments to homeless shelters, schools in low income neighborhoods, recycling ripped clothes, or selling them at the market or online. But if you’re still debating whether or not it’s time for a closet organizing session, you’ve come to the perfect place to help you make your decision. Here are the signs that you should consider decluttering your clothing piles:



If you still keep clothing pieces that are stained or smell bad, chances are you have an emotional connection to them. Before you throw those clothes into the ‘trash/give away bin’, you may want to try to get the stains or eliminate the smell first. If you fail to do so but really want to keep them, take the clothing pieces to the dry cleaner and let the professionals work their magic. If the smell and the stains continue to linger, it might be time to say goodbye.


This is the easiest way to decide if you want to get rid of your clothing pieces or not. When you first purchased each garment, it was probably because you loved the way that it looked or felt. If you look at them today and don’t like the style anymore, however, then it is obvious that you should get rid of them.


Fashion comes and goes very quickly. There may be some clothes that you bought while they were in trend, but now they just look too ugly and ridiculous to wear outside. There is no point in keeping the clothes that you barely wear in your closet. If something belongs in the past, leave it behind and move on. You can always invest in new garments that are more modern and classic.


Whether the clothes that you have are too big or too small, if you haven’t been able to fit in them for more than a year, they aren’t going to fit you anytime soon. Our body shapes change over time and if you don’t have the motivation to transform your physique just to fit in a few clothes, clear them out.


There will always be that pile of clothes that you have been abandoning in the back of the closet to the point that you’ve forgotten you own them. If you’ve never bothered pulling out that shirt, skirt, or pair of pants to wear on any occasion, there are plenty of people who would love to receive them. Here’s a task for you, go into your closet gather all of those garments and donating them ta a good cause. It’s up to you to figure out where.


Time changes and your sense of style does too. You may have liked dressing in vintage clothing ten years ago, but you might be into wearing hipster-styled clothing today. It’s okay to keep a couple of outfits in the style that you used to like, but there’s no point in keeping a closet full of them. Your old style could become somebody else’s new style once you’ve found your unwanted garments a new home.

If you’re looking for a Professional Organizer in Houston, TX to help make more space in your home, get in touch with Rescue My Space today! We’re always more than happy to help.

How to start decluttering your closet - Our Guide

Have you been spending much more time to get dressed in the morning because you struggle to find your favorite sweater? Or a shirt? Or basically any other clothing piece? If the reason why you cannot find anything in your closet anymore because of the giant pile of clothes taking over your floor, it is safe to say that it’s about time for you to consider decluttering your wardrobe.

 We get it. Getting rid of clothes can be heartbreaking, especially if you love fashion as I do. But trust us - you will feel sad only for a short time because life will be much better with an organized closet - we guarantee it! If you don’t know where to start, here are a few ways to begin decluttering those clothing piles:



 Throwing your clothes away might be rather difficult, especially if many are still in great condition. Rather than sentence yourself to a lifetime with a dumpster closet, however, why don’t you consider donating them instead?

 Try to go through all of your clothing pieces, shoes, and accessories, separating the ones you want to keep and those that you no longer wear. There is no point in keeping them at the bottom of your closet when someone else would be happy to wear them. Pack what you don’t want and put them in a donation box. Knowing where these clothes are going will help the decluttering to be easier.

 If you have three closets full of clothes, it will certainly be quite a challenge to clear everything in one day. Therefore, don’t rush the process. Pressing yourself too much will make you feel overwhelmed and possibly cause you to give up. Take your time and clear out the clutter, drawer by drawer. We recommend that you put a donation bin next to your closet to throw any unwanted items into every day. Once it is full your clothes will be ready to go to a new home!



 If you don’t have a lot of time to declutter, try to do it more often. Instead of digging through your clothes for 8 hours straight once a year, spare 10 to 15 minutes sweeping through your closet weekly. This way, you will not feel overwhelmed trying to get it done. It might even make you feel more calm and relaxed while decluttering. It is important to keep this routine going on the regular. Do not skip a week until your closet is well-organized. The reason why you should be consistent is that you will not lose track of trying to declutter.



 Small, frequent decluttering sessions are incredibly important, but they will not make deep cleanings obsolete. Seasonal decluttering is when you have to take every single thing out of the closet, wipe the closet walls, dust the shelves, and vacuum the whole wardrobe. After that, you will have to go through every piece of clothing before you put everything back in. Believe it or not, while you are placing everything back in its place, you will spot a few items that you don’t want anymore. Toss them into the donation bin and end your cleaning session with a drive down to your local donation center. Though the best time to do this is at the beginning of every season, if you are reading this either in the middle or end of the season then do it NOW!



Even though I’m using the term hoarding, if you believe you may be a hoarder I would suggest contacting a specialist in your area who would be able to properly assist you. If you believe you possess hoarding tendencies, then I’m talking to you. Look at yourself and contemplate if you have a propensity to hold on to a large amount of items for a long period of time. If you do, the first step to combating this behavior is to get rid of the clutter right now before it gets worse.

Most hoarders have a hard time getting rid of things because to them every single thing in their possession has sentimental value. There’s nothing wrong with keeping your mother’s pictures or items that represent someone to get organized you need to keep these type of items at a minimum. In order to truly enjoy your space in its entirety, you have to refrain from emotionally attaching yourself to material items. Therefore, including functional systems in your daily routine and changing old habits will help minimize the clutter in your closet once and for all.

If you’re looking for a Professional Organizer in Houston, TX to help you declutter and organize your closet, get in touch with Rescue My Space today! We’re always more than happy to help.


With the summer time being the most popular time to move, the idea of packing tends to be a process we typically put on the back burner.  In this video, I want to give you 3 simple packing tips you can use when in the moving process. Even though moving can be overwhelming, when you are prepared your moving process will move smoothly.


Rather than purchasing expensive wardrobe boxes or throwing your clothes into a box, trash bagging your clothes is the best way to transport your clothes from your current home to the new home. The steps to trash bagging your clothes is to 1) Open your trash bag 2) Grab a section of your hanged clothes 3) Place the trash bag over the clothes and as you’re doing that poke a hole in bottom part of the bag so the hanger hooks can go through it 4) Pull the trash bag over your clothes, fit your clothes in the trash bag and secure the bag by tying it. Once you get to your new home you can hang the clothes as is with the bag on the clothes, cut the bag off and your clothes will sit perfectly in its place.


Though packing paper and bubble wrap are important components in your moving process, using clothes as a replacement works the same. Not only is it more economical, it is also eco-friendly since waste is minimized. Whether you are using clothes to wrap and protect your breakable items or to fill a box, either way gets the job done.


Labeling boxes during a move is probably one of the most important tasks to do for efficiency. It not only helps you keep count of the number of items you have, it helps movers place your boxes in the correct location in your new home. When labeling your boxes it’s important to be specific when writing it down. For example, lets say you are packing a drawer in your bedroom and in that drawer sits your undergarments (bras, undies, socks and tights). On the label you will write (see below):

Box label.png

Honestly, as long as the label you create make sense to you and is clear for your movers, then your move will move smoothly.

If you’re interested in checking out the 3 Simple ways to pack video, click below.


If you’re looking for a Professional Organizer in Houston, TX to help with your move, get in touch with Rescue My Space today! We’re always more than happy to help.