Creating spaces where meal planning is easy

Rescue My Space understands the importance of your pantry functioning properly.

Pantries are like the arms of the house; therefore, if it's cluttered and not working efficiently, money will be wasted and food will be neglected.

We begin with identifying your immediate needs and translating that into your pantry organizing plan. We take the burden away from you and create functional organizing techniques so you can open your pantry, see what you need and know where to put the item back.

We believe in creating a quick, simple and better way to get organized. With your busy schedule, dedicating hours to cooking and meal planning is no longer a choice. Gone are the days where you waste time looking for anything.


Est. Time to Organize: 3-6 hrs. 

  • Please keep in mind that these times are for reference purposes. If you want a more accurate time estimate, feel free to schedule an in-home consultation. 
  • All time ranges are based off one Organizing Consultant doing the work. The more OCs involved, the less time it may take.

What we can do ...

Purge old & expired goods

Add storage solutions that fit your pantry

Provide shopping assistance

Add/remove shelves & shelving systems

Line shelves

Paint your pantry to a desirable color

Add labels for simple identification

Replace old fixtures with new fixtures

Create a meal plan

Thoroughly clean your pantry