Say Bye-bye to a stressful move

We all move for different reasons. Sometimes it's for work. Sometimes it's because you need more space. Sometimes it's unwillingly. And sometimes it's because you want a change. Whatever your reason is for moving, we at Rescue My Space can help you make that process flawless. We understand the thought of moving can be overwhelming and when you add packing/unpacking to the mix, the process becomes daunting.

We take the stress out of moving by helping coordinate the entire process. You tell us what to pack and we pack it and unpack it. Because our mission is to create a quick, simple and better way to get organized, we will go the extra mile to make sure your moving process is cohesive and comfortable.


Est. Time to Organize: 8 - 24 hrs. (packing/unpacking)

  • Please keep in mind that these times are for reference purposes. If you want a more accurate time estimate, feel free to schedule an in-home consultation.

  • All time ranges are based off one Organizing Consultant doing the work. The more OCs involved, the less time it may take.

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