Bring your kitchen to life

The kitchen is usually considered to be the heart of the home because this is the space where everyone usually congregates to. Because of its warmth and openness, it typically finds its self in shambles. If persistent, the clutter can get so bad to where it no longer is being used ─ at least not as often as you’d like. Fear not, Rescue My Space is here.

The Organizing Consultants at RMS specialize in making your kitchen work for you. When you get your kitchen organized, you will no longer find it difficult to decide on what to cook. You may even find yourself becoming a chef!

Whatever your desire is for your kitchen, we can help you achieve it. When it comes to kitchens our main focus is to make it functional and organized so if anyone other than yourself were to cook in it, it would be easy for them to navigate through it.


Est. Time to Organize: 4 - 6 hrs.

  • Please keep in mind that these times are for reference purposes. If you want a more accurate time estimate, feel free to schedule an in-home consultation.

  • All time ranges are based off one Organizing Consultant doing the work. The more OCs involved, the less time it may take.

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