What We  do

Rescue My Space is more than just an organizing company. This is a place where you are allowed to be your authentic self, where individuals can express their experiences and connect. Where judgment no longer exists.

But in the physical aspect of organizing, here is what we can do in your space.


I N - H O M E    C O N S U L T A T I O N

Your new organized space begins with a free in-home consultation with one of our experienced organizing consultants. Here, we will do a thorough walk-through, assess your space, understand your needs and ideas, and give you our suggestions. This process typically lasts about 30 minutes, but it all depends on the number of spaces we assess in your home or business.


Once set with your organizing necessities, we will draw out and create your custom organization plan. This will give you a rough draft on how your space will look and function. If you are not satisfied with our plan, we will make modifications until the plan fits your vision.

S E T - U P  &  O R G A N I Z E

Our organizing consultants will come in and treat your home better than their own. Before getting started, we will protect all areas involved in the organizing process. We will begin with a blank canvas therefore other rooms or items in your home will need to be available for use. When organizing is done, we will make certain your newly organized space is flawless and ready for use.

A D M I R E    Y O U R    S P A C E

With your space arranged, sorted and organized, your room will feel larger, peaceful and more functional. You will have more time in the day to focus on more important tasks and have more time to relax and enjoy me time.

Here are the areas we can help with