How to make your bathroom clutter-free - Our Guide

Not everyone has those fancy bathrooms you would often find in five-star hotels, on TV or social media. However, even with a small space, you can make your bathroom look nice and functional just with a little organization.  

If your issue is space or lack there of, it is important to keep your bathroom organized and clutter-free. When everything is stored neatly in your bathroom, you can easily find things that you need. Your bathroom also looks more attractive, relaxing, and sanitary. It also becomes easier to clean.

Here are some tips on how you can organize your bathroom to make the best use of its space:



Gather the supplies you will need to start decluttering and organizing your bathroom. These include a trash bag, cleaning wipes, paper towels, cleaning cloth, and other cleaning products. If you already own organizing products, I would suggest gathering them as well. If not, you may need to wait until after the decluttering phase.



The first step in organizing your bathroom is decluttering. Go through your makeup, hair care, skincare products, medications, first-aid supplies, grooming tools, toilet papers, cleaning supplies, towels, and mats. This is the step that takes the most time because you are basically going through every single item in your bathroom and deciding on what to keep. Remove anything that does not belong in the bathroom and any items you no longer use. Remove everything that is past their expiration dates and dispose of them properly.


Once you have sorted through all the things that you need in your bathroom, it’s time to organize them neatly. If there’s not enough storage space in your bathroom, you may need to go shopping.

When shopping for organizing products, you should consider how much space you have in your bathroom. Because space may be your issue, it is important to understand the products you will be bringing in will also take up space. You may need a chest or shelving unit, a few square baskets, or small containers for your makeup tools. Make sure that they won’t make your bathroom look cramped and that they will make it easier for you to find the things you need. As mentioned, before bulky containers, for example, may be impractical and will eat up most of your space.

Think about accessibility. When do you need the items or how often you use them? For the stuff that you occasionally use, like extra supplies, you can store them at the back of the cabinet or the upper shelf. Adding labels in front of your organizers will make it easier for you to find anything you need.


Your bathroom can look gorgeous when it is well-organized, clutter-free, and clean. Adding some storage containers, shelves, or cabinets will help you put things neatly in your bathroom. Regularly check your stuff and declutter to make sure that anything you no longer want, need, or use is not taking up unnecessary space in the bathroom.

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