7 Items to Toss When You Declutter

Decluttering seems to be the ‘it’ thing these days. After all, it keeps your space clean, tidy, and organized. Science now backs up that you can experience psychological benefits when you say goodbye to clutter. 

If you rent a space or an apartment, look around and see if all that are within it are practically useful and aesthetically needed. Chances are half of those items are things that ought to end up in the trash bin. 

Perhaps it’s time for a major decluttering session so here are seven items to toss as you declutter your home:


To begin, go through the old dailies and magazines that you have kept for ages. Chances are that you have things that date back to the early 2000s. In this age where every information can be sourced from the internet, there’s no need to keep those paper collectibles. You can keep the most recent ones or only those reading materials that have valuable information.



Now is the time to check what’s in your closet and see which items need to stay or which items ought to be thrown away. It’s highly possible that one-fourth of what’s in your closet is no longer being used. Think about your holed socks and undies as well as your tapered pants or tattered shirts. If you aren’t wearing them, it may be time to say goodbye.


Most women have the habit of hoarding their expired makeup for the sole reason of keeping it. The truth is that expired makeup has dried, doesn’t work, and isn’t good for your skin. Why keep products that are no longer useful to take up space in your room? Toss it out!


If you examine your kitchen, perhaps you’ll find that you have forgotten dried herbs and ground spices tucked away in the back of your spice rack. Although dried herbs may not expire, they lose their flavor and aroma over time. The rule of thumb is to get rid of the items that you’ve had for over six months. They won’t do any good for your meals!


Aside from dated spices, you may hold onto stocked foodstuff. These can be packed noodles, food in cans, and other preserved goods. Go through the items and check the expiration dates. Throw out anything that is no longer good to eat.


While you’re clearing out the kitchen, make sure that you go through your kitchen items, utensils, and wares. Are any of them no longer used? Maybe you’ll find Tupperware without lids, unused coffee mugs, rustic spoons and forks, and a whole lot more. You may even end up tossing out half of your kitchen cabinet!


The modern consumer has a number of electronics that are no longer working, yet are sitting in a drawer for some unspecified purpose. Whether it’s an old cellphone, a tablet you don’t touch, chargers that are no longer working, broken headphones, or another gadget that can no longer be fixed, take those old items to the pawnshop or a junk shop.

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