3 Simple ways to Organize your Bed Linens

Honestly it wasn’t until a year ago when I decided to purchase my very own “expensive” bed linens. I grew up in a household that didn’t really put a lot of value in purchasing such things that didn’t include bills, food and clothes. Everything else was just a want. Lets just say we had to stretch the money we had and bed linens were loooooooow on the priority scale.

Now that I’m an adult and stuff, I 100% understand the significance of having good quality linens. Sure it took until I hit 30 to realize that but that’s neither here nor there. With all that said, now that I have a whole 3 sets of bed linens including comforters coming from someone who only had one set, finding the best ways to organize them in my linen closet felt overwhelming. After trying different solutions, I’ve come up with 3 simple ways to organize my bed linens. Though it does require a bit more time than usual, once you get it down your bed linens will stay organized and be great to look at. Check out those 3 ways below.


Screen Shot 2019-08-14 at 7.42.18 AM.png
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Adding your bed linens to a storage bag will keep dust away from them as they aren’t being used as well as keep them at organize and in place. The storage bag I’m using is from the Container Store and is one of my favorites out there. This product is particularly a great option because if you are too busy to fold your linens or if you’re not a great folder, you can just throw your linens inside the bag and no one would know that it’s not folded. Icing on the cake is it has a label section so you can label your bag properly and know exactly what’s in it at all times.


Screen Shot 2019-08-14 at 7.46.18 AM.png

Using a bin or a basket to organize your bed linens is another great option. This bin in particular is my personal favorite for bed linens because it has high walls which hide your bed linens in those cases they are not folded neatly. Unlike the storage bag, because this bin is a bit narrow, you will need to file fold your bed linens so they all fit in the bin properly. Plus file folding makes it easier to grab your linens with ease. You can also add a label for that extra touch. The label I used was made using a chalkboard label that I cut, punch holed and added yarn to tie to the bin.


Screen Shot 2019-08-14 at 7.52.20 AM.png

Lets say you didn’t like the idea of having storage bags and/or didn’t have the budget to pay for bins to house your bed linens, this option would be perfect for you. If I were to choose between the three options I would hands down choose this option. In this option the only items involved is only the bed linens meaning you will be placing your bed linens inside of one pillowcase. As all of your linens (1 set) are folded, you will leave out one pillowcase and place your folded linens inside of it. Once all linens are inside you will fold the pillowcase around your linens creating a rectangle. When opting for this option you will need to make sure your folding is neat since it wont be placed inside an organizing product like the others.

These are just 3 simple ways I like to use to organize my bed linens and I hope it inspires you to get your linen closet organized. Until next time……… If you’re interested in watching video of how I organize bed linens, check it out below.