Getting Started in the KonMari Method of Organizing - The Basic Principles

Nowadays, when thinking about decluttering a home, the KonMari method will usually come into the conversation. True enough, Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing has become more than just a book and Netflix show. It has also become a worldwide cultural phenomenon that has inspired people to downsize and dispose of stuff that is not only cluttering their home but their lives. 

The KonMari method centers on Kondo’s smart technique in radically decluttering homes and offices. It is a rather strict and rigid method that may not suit everyone. However, if you want to declutter drastically, then it would be great to start by learning more about the KonMari way to see if it’s for you. In this article, you’ll get a basic summary of what the method entails.

The KonMari method Focuses on Discarding Items

Despite using the term tidying in the book’s title, the method focuses more on getting rid of items that no longer “spark joy” rather than merely cleaning and organizing. The principle behind the method is to get rid of stuff first, then clean after. Tidying is easier and faster when there are fewer items to organize.


It’s About  Changing Your Mindset

The foundation of this method is to change your mindset about owning things for good. The method seeks to help people develop the right mindset about keeping and letting go of their possessions. With the right mindset, it is easier to stay tidy for life and only buy and keep the things you need, instead of decluttering only when you think of doing so. 

Tidying All at Once is Important

The KonMari method teaches to tidy up everything at once. When you declutter your entire space at once instead of leaving some areas to declutter for later, you won’t run the risk of reverting to your old hoarding and cluttering ways. Decluttering should be considered a special event that once you decide to do it, it needs to tremendously bring change not just in your home but in your life as well. 

It’s NOT About Storage

Marie Kondo is not a very big fan of storage, so don’t expect to be advised to get more storage products like racks and shelves. According to Kondo, putting things away in storage creates the illusion that the problem, which is the clutter, has already been solved when it was merely hidden from sight. 

Tidying by Category, Not Location

You’ve probably organized your wardrobe before by first going through the closet, then the drawers, before eventually finishing up with the dresser. The thing about organizing by location is that you can’t see everything at once. For instance, how many shirts do you have? How many of those do you wear? When you organize by category, it will be easier to decide which ones to keep and which ones to dispose of. 

Keep Only What Sparks Joy

When deciding which things to keep, you have to ask yourself whether it “sparks joy” or not. If something no longer sparks joy, discard it.

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