7 Tips to maintaining a Clean Car

As summer is here our cars typically take the most beating compared to any other space we are in. This is the season for road trips which means food eating, consistent air conditioning and lets not forget overheating. 

As all this is happening to our cars, we neglect them even more and realize how bad it's gotten after it's too late. Well... no need to be in a rut because I'm going to give you 7 easy habits you can add to your daily routine right now that will keep your car clean for good. 

Remember our cars are an extension of us so whether it's clean, cluttered, dirty or organized, it reflects your current emotional state. 

So, let's begin with Car habit #1. I'm starting with this habit because it's probably the first reason why your car is messy right now.

Habit #1 - Don't Eat in your Car

Screen Shot 2019-07-15 at 11.33.10 AM.png

I can already see it. You drive through the drive-through at your favorite restaurant. You get your food and the sensational fragrance that flows out of the bag engulfs your car. The fries start calling your name and by the time you get home (10 minutes away) you're done eating. Little did you know 6 french fries have flown to the floor and now your seat belt smells like ketchup. But it was good though! Trust me. I understand how great it feels to eat in your car, I've been there and dammit it's amazing. Through the years, I've realized that this habit wasn't doing my car any good and after I stopped, my car has been clean ever since. This also goes for anyone else in my car. 

Habit #2 - Always keep a waste bin inside it

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If you're an avid water bottle drinker, like to chew gum or opt for the receipt after each purchase, having a waste bin in your car is definitely for you. There is no one perfect waste bin for your car. You can use a trash bag, a hanging trash bin to an empty cup to collect the trash. Just make sure you empty it out at least 4-5 times a week to avoid overload.  

Habit #3 - Garage It

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This concept is fairly new to me (its been 4 years now) and it has been one of the best things I can do for my car. Garaging your car protects it from hail and/or flying tree branches. It shields your car from harsh sun UV rays as well as help your car heat up or cool down faster. Most importantly, it protects your car from being an easy target for criminals and my personal favorite, it keeps me dry when it rains! If your garage is cluttered therefore preventing you from parking in it, I'd suggest you schedule out some time this weekend to de-cluttering your garage so you can experience my new love. If you don't have a garage at this time, then please ignore! 

Habit #4 - Wash it Weekly or bi-weekly (okay… as much as you can)

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Whether you're hand washing it or taking it to the car wash, dedicating time to washing your car will keep the exterior of your car clean especially during the Spring/Summer months. The hotter and more humid it gets outside, the more dirt, pollen and dust stick to the car. Schedule a car washing session every other week and you will see the difference it will make in the longevity of your car paint. Plus you'll feel great driving it.

Habit #5 - Keep a vacuum in it

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Now, this is optional if you get your car washed often but for those of you who don't have one of these bad boys in your possession you need one because it will change your life. The one I use connects to my car's cigarette lighter and even though it only works when the car is running, it has a mean suction head and does the trick. It sits in the trunk of my car so whenever I need, it's close by. If you're interested in seeing how I organize my trunk click here to watch how I keep it in order. 

Habit #6 - Keep a microfiber cloth handy

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In the past, I didn't see the importance of this until I wiped my dashboard and saw the piles of dust that accumulated over the years. I was in shock and how neglected my poor dashboard was. After seeing the results, I keep at least 3 microfiber cloths in my car. They're not only good for wiping down dashboards they are also perfect for cleaning your seats, windshield/windows and also spills. They are just great items to have handy for all purposes. It's a must-have in my book.

Habit #7 - Clean it out before you leave it

Last but not least, before you get out of your car always make sure you clean it. Discard wrappers, paper, bottles, safety pins, shoes, clothes, I can go on if you need me to. In all honesty, removing items from your car when you leave it for the days creates a clean and clear state for the next day and best of all keeps your car clean for good. 

If you are having trouble incorporating any of these habits to your lifestyle just know when you do, you will not only see the benefits in your car, you will see it in your life. 

Until next time!