6 Ways to Label a Container

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There are over 1000s of different types of labels in the current marketplace. Okay, I made this number up but seriously there are a lot of labels out there especially different kinds to place on containers so you can organize your stuff properly. Some are wooden, some use metal to showcase their label, some are re-usable while others just aren’t.

The main purpose of using labels when organizing, is they help grab attention, communicate what is in a particular bin and make it convenient for others to find what they need easily with out wasting time.

Today I will give you 5 ways to label a container using 5 different types of labels. These are my own opinions about these labels and are the ones I use the most in either my client’s homes or in my personal space.

 Label #1: Chalkboard Labels

You'll find dozens of uses for our chalkboard labels. They can be used to organize jars, your kitchen, to decorate a wedding, engagement parties and many more. They come in varies shapes and sizes which makes them the ideal label to use in any space. To personalize these labels using a chalk board marker gives it its tidiness and precise appearance.



Label #2: Clip Label Holders

You can use this metal holder with any container to quickly distinguish the things inside. Simply write on the label and place it in the holder. It clips on to most surfaces quickly and easily.



Label #3: Adhesive Labels

These Adhesive Labels are best used on plastic bins or totes but of course can be used to label and categorize any type of container. They are made from vinyl, they’re self adhesive and come with blank label inserts. These are a new favorite of mine and I’m constantly introducing them to all my clients.



Label #4: Gift Tags

Just write on the gift tag and tie it to your container quickly and easily! It's a great way to keep everything in place without having to look inside. Plus, they can be used to personalize a gift.



Label #5: Label Maker (Labels)

The labels that are created from a DYMO label maker are

Type your text, edit and print for flawless, professional labels each time. This machine makes it easy to label just about anything, anywhere – it’s honestly addictive.



Label #6: Cable Identifiers

Identify cords and wires instantly with these cable identifiers. Flexible enough to fit nearly any cable thick or thin and can be labeled using a pen, pencil, marker or label tape using a maker.


Bonus Label: Printable Labels

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If you’re interested in personalizing your storage systems in your home or even office space I’ve created some minimal labels for you. You can print these out for your own personal organizing projects below. 



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