How to Properly Organize your Mail


Trust me, I know. Really, I know! Sorting through your mail is the last task you want to be doing any day of the week. The mere thought of opening and reading each letter already has you looking the other way. Believe me, I understand because that was me.

Organizing my mail was a job I’d put off for weeks on end. My thought was “well if I don’t acknowledge it, it doesn’t exist!” It had gotten so bad I was constantly late paying my bills. I even ended up missing so many important events because of my neglect. I had a problem and I needed to fix it.

After trying different organizing systems and experiencing a number of setbacks, I think I can say that I’ve finally found the best way to organize your mail.

Here it goes!

The best way to organize your mail is…. To go through it as soon as you get it. No more putting your mail into designated bins and no more putting it off until the end of the week on cleaning day.

I’m not at all saying if you’re someone who has found it more efficient to use designated bins is a bad thing because for a lot of people this has really helped them organize their mail. And as long as it works that’s perfect! Just be sure to keep up with your trays to make sure it doesn't overflow because it’s that overflow that prevents you from going through it.

After years of fighting my mail and running away from it, I discovered that there’s no true way I could efficiently organize my mail then by going through it the moment it comes through my door. Using this technique has saved me from missing payments (now everything is automatic) and time.

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve created a mail system in your home that works.

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