Why You’re Unorganized


You’ve walked into your closet and realized that the organizing systems you created 3 weeks ago to make your closet organized no longer works. Your skirts are sitting in a pile near the window, your shoes are all scattered throughout your room and that jewelry holder you spent a lot of time putting together no longer has a role in your space.

Your space is Disorganized…AGAIN!

At this very moment you may be yelling a couple of swear words to your stuff thinking that maybe just maybe it will pick its self up and get organize by themselves. You may also be looking on Pinterest or even YouTube to look for ideas on how to better organize your space because everyone else organizes better than you, right?

Let me tell you the truth.

Organizing is more than just a physical thing it’s a mindset. You have to create habits in order to get and maintain an organized space. When you have an organized space without the mental aspect, its all just a façade – it doesn’t really exist. Okay sure everything is in its place and you have all sorts of bins lined up in a crisp row but there’s more to it than just that.

Let me be honest.

My name is Judi and I’m not always organized. There are times I throw my things on the floor and I don’t always put them back in their place. Some times I may even leave an item next to its container. I know. All it takes is for me to move my hand 1 inch to the left and place it inside – but I don’t wanna! Its not until my anxiety takes a hold of me and I spazz out before I re-coup and get organized. I promise you my home isn’t always organized but because of the habits and routines I've implemented in my home, I'm able to get myself together and keep it organized - most of the time :)

So to sum all this up

Organizing is a lifestyle. You have to work at it every single day to form a habit – a lasting habit. It took me a while to finally figure out what worked in my space and the moment I figured it out for the most part, my space is always organized.

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