Top 10 2016 New Years resolutions for the HOME


Lets get right to it ...  

1. Arrange your furniture to increase positive energy (Feng Shui) — It’s believed that everything and everyone possess a certain energy (chi), and how we arrange objects in our spaces can affect all aspects of our lives. The belief is that there’s a prime place for every object (bed, books, couch, desk even for small things like books) and by moving it to its proper location, we can benefit. Check out this article for further explanation on the benefits of arranging your furniture to gain a happier life. Click here

2. Schedule your Cleaning  Creating a weekly cleaning list allows you to clean your home faster, in a more effective way, and guarantees that all important areas and items that need to be cleaned are not overlooked. In my experience my cleaning list has helped me tackle every corner in my house in less time than without the list. Definitely a game changer! Check out this free printable

3. Appreciate your Home — it may sound funny but the best thing you can do for your home is to show your appreciation. What I mean by that is talking to your house more. For example, every time you walk through the front door say “Hi House” or when you leave tell it “Bye House and thank you for protecting me” If you are like me and believe that the things around us hold on to energy and that energy reflects on to us then this tip is for you.

4. Get rid of unnecessary stuff — I know this tip may be a difficult one to stick to but it’s the most important of all the tips to date. The saying ” the less stuff we have, the better life is” is actually true. What this means to me is the less baggage/items we have to worry or thing about, the more we are able to focus on important things. The easiest way to get rid of your stuff is to use the 1-in-2-out method. This means if you bring home one item, you have to get rid of two items. Though this process works well, the most effective process is to in one day get rid of all items in your home that don’t ignite happiness. What I’m saying is when you put an item in your hand and it doesn’t spark joy then that item needs to go. Remember less is more.

5. Become a Minimalist — When transitioning to a minimalist lifestyle you will first need to remove all things you don’t need in order to focus on what you do need. Instead of indulging our lives with material possessions therefore creating stress, we should create spaces that fill up our lives with meaning rather than stuff.

Minimalistic Living Space

6. Fix all items that need repairing (annual inspections) — because our home is our sacred place, it is crucial we treat it that way. From fixing the A/C to the tiny hole on your bedroom wall, our homes deserve to be cared for at all times.

7. Downsize to one television in the home — this concept was a challenge for me in the beginning because the TV in my bedroom had always been comforting at night. I grew up with a TV in the bedroom yet alone all rooms and thought this was the norm. It wasn’t until one Monday morning I was brave enough to take the plunge and haven’t look back since. According to statistics, we are more likely to sleep longer hours and connect better when the TV is out of the bedroom. The reason I suggest downsizing to one TV in the house is because it just better to do so. The less TVs in the home the better everything else.

8. Change all air filters monthly — this unfortunately is a task many of us don’t do as often. It’s usually put on the back burner because we don’t see the dirt in the air so that means it doesn’t exist. Right? Well that’s wrong of course. Once you make the habit of changing your filters often at least once a month, you’ll reap the benefits.

9. Start Gardening and Grow your own produce — as we all know most of the produce bought in the stores are doused with pesticides which are bad for us. Sure you can buy organic which is a better alternative than conventional but can be very expensive. The best option is to grow them your self. You not only skip the middle man you get to monitor what happens to your produce and of course see it GROW.

10. Add beautiful things around your home — this goes hand in hand with appreciating your house. A great way is to add beautiful items, flowers and/or plants around it. For example, adding a bamboo plant to your home is used to achieve harmony in your home. The Areca Palm plant can remove all indoor air toxins, which if you didn’t know is a thing. Who knew! While the Snake Plant converts CO2 into oxygen at night. The great advantage of having these plants is that they are easy to maintain especially for those who lack a “green thumb”. Check out these plants! They're beautiful.

Be Wonderful!