3 ways cleaning out your refrigerator can save you MONEY$$$

Eggs Professionally Organized In Refrigerator.jpg

Let me not waste your time talking about my experience and how cleaning out my fridge saved me money. In order for you to understand how, it’s best you read the below.

Step #1 – Clean it Out — This is the most important step out of all of them because a dirty and cluttered fridge will not only cause you to buy items you already have but also it is not good hygiene. With that said, empty out your entire fridge (freezer included) and place every single item on a flat service.

Next, only keep the items that you actually use and that have not expired. Finally, put the items back in the fridge but make sure all like items are together and that the most used items are in the front of the fridge. Great job, Step #1 is complete.

Step #2 – List it — Because writing things down allows us to focus on what’s at hand, creating a grocery list makes it much easier for us to remember what needs to be purchased.

Step #3 – Put them in the right place — The importance of putting items in its correct location makes a big difference when saving money. Removing these items from your fridge can also free up space and improve the taste and quality of your food. If you click here you will see what I mean. It really makes a difference.

The only challenging aspect of the three strategies is that you have to do it. The moment you create a process for yourself, in no time the money will be rolling in.