Gifts for him — yes another one of these (organizing inspired)

So this is a topic most people search for when looking for a gift for their significant other especially during the Holidays. The truth is all you really have to do and see what he’s in to. at least at the moment. Is he an electronics guy who loves everything technological or is he a fashion guy who is on top of the new trends. Whatever type of man you are with, the most important part is that you care enough about him to give. Who are we kiddin’ give him what he wants!

Here are 11 gift ideas to give that special man in your life:

Front Pocket Wallet

From the words of a man’s mouth” This wallet is a lifesaver. My pockets are no longer fat and protruding out and my buns are sore no more. I’m also able to find my credit cards faster and due to its small size I don’t have to worry about junk in my wallet”.

Watch Organizer with brand new watch inside

Other than a brand new watch being the front-runner, a watch station is an added bonus because it allows him to see his beautiful watches each time he passes by them. It reminds him how much thought his significant other put into his gift.

Leather Camera Bag #1

Leather Camera Bag #2

For photography lovers both options are amazing gifts. Whether you are a top photographer at an event or just an amateur photographer stepping into the industry, these bags will set him apart from the others.

All Expense paid NIGHT OUT

First of all I will like to THANK all men who always pick up the check and never let their woman pay, this gift is especially for you. This gift lets him know how appreciated he is and that we can be spontaneous. They wont see it coming!!!!

New Shoes on a Shoe Storage Rack

You may be thinking why would I give my man a shoe rack but you should be thinking why wouldn’t I give my man shoe rack. Giving him shoes along with a shoe rack keeps all of his shoes in one place so you can claim back the space that was once yours.

New Video Games on a Game Center Storage Rack 

Gaming is probably my least favorite thing to participate in but he loves it. So in order to create a happy median, pairing games with a game storage makes him excited while giving him a place to put all his games and stuff when he’s done (And it looks pretty).

A Storage Shed for his Lawn Equipment

If you’re like me and consider the garage as being a place that needs to be organized and clutter free as the rest of the house then a storage shed is ideal. It not only hides the unsightly equipment your man loves, it plays the role as an additional storage for other items that don’t necessarily have a place in the garage or in the house. He wouldn’t even know that you secretly bought it for yourself.

Robe with house slippers

This gift is usually the norm when it comes to gifts for men but it never fails. It’s a gift that lasts for many years plus it’s a good reminder for him each time he gets out of the shower;)

Sport Tickets

No brainer. Should I say more? Just make sure you wrap it up in a box so he doesn’t see it coming. No need to spoil the surprise!

Noise Cancelling Headphones

This is ideal for the times you want him in the same room with you even though you are making noise in the kitchen or talking to that best friend of yours. He can just pop these on and watch his favorite show or game on his phone or laptop without hearing a single thing.

Groupon Package of Different Adventures

Because there are so many choices to choose on Groupon from the possibilities are endless. You can pick from 3 to 10 different adventures you and him can do together. He will love it because all of the choices will be things he loves to do and not to mention it is thoughtful. Just be sure you are aware of when they expire.

Be Wonderful!