Is your bathroom cluttered?

If you’re thinking, why would I need to organize my bathroom, lets take a deeper look. The bathroom can be a dumping ground for all the stuff that has played an important role in the past, but has now found a new, but unimpressive role. By this we mean, the bathroom typically holds our medication, our shower essentials, towels, washcloths, hair products, scent sprays and much more.

Because it’s typically one of the smallest spaces in the home, it gets neglected which causes clutter to slowly build up. It’s not until you’re looking for something when you realize how disorderly your bathroom is.

The great thing about this is the Organizing Consultants at Rescue My Space can catch where your bathroom is now and prevent it from getting worse later.


Est. Time to Organize: 4 - 6 hrs

  • Please keep in mind that these times are for reference purposes. If you want a more accurate time estimate, feel free to schedule an in-home consultation.

  • All time ranges are based off one Organizing Consultant doing the work. The more OCs involved, the less time it may take.




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