3 simple ways to handle your Clothes Clutter + BONUS TIP


As we get older our style typically follows and because of this its important that you update your closet accordingly. Go through your closet and pick out all the clothes that no longer fit your style. Rather than giving them out to your local charity, try seeing if either a friend or a close family member would use it. If so, plan on sending the items to them immediately. I’d also suggest you try selling them. There are various resale apps out there that will help you do so. If nothing transpires from either suggestions, then you can send them to your local charity.


From child birth, to the freshman 15 to having a full time job, our bodies are evolving and not at the pace we’d like it to. I myself have gained 10 pounds (honestly closer to 15 pounds) in the last year and have caught myself wanting to purchase clothes I’ll probably wear in the future. After trying the clothes on I knew they didn’t suit me well but I was so stuck on the fact that they were cute, I didn’t realize I probably wouldn’t even wear them. Go in your closet and try on your entire wardrobe but only focus on the ones that you haven’t worn in over a year. If you notice, they no longer fit your body comfortably, then it’s probably time to let them go.


Budgets are important to have when you’re really purchasing anything. A great way figure out a wardrobe budget is to first have a purpose when shopping (why are you going shopping? What is your shopping goal?) and next is to know what stores you’ll be shopping in. You don’t want to go to Saks 5th but have a Forever 21 shopping budget. So most importantly you have to be realistic. For example, if you need to buy a dress for an event and the budget you give yourself for said dress is $75, that means you must find a dress less than $75 (including tax) to be within your budget. Therefore the lower you are the better. If you stay true to your shopping budget you will notice how less often you actually go shopping and most importantly your closet will be clutter-free and organized.


I can’t tell you how much sleeping on it has helped not only keep money in my pocket, it has helped minimize the clutter in my closet. Sleeping on it, which means, instead of impulsive buying you go sleep. If you find yourself thinking about the items within the next 2-3 days then you buy them. What you will discover is you’re less likely to buy those items if you give yourself time to think about the items you’re considering purchasing.

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