8 Common Household Areas To Declutter Weekly

Your home is your haven where you can return for rest after a long, tiring day. However, your home is also the place for items you’ve purchased, which means that the rooms in your house can easily become cluttered. In order to prevent that from happening. It is essential to keep on top of it. You’ve got to declutter from time to time if you expect to maintain a clean, organized and relaxing space. So, without further ado, here are eight spots you should clear out every week:



From old toothbrushes to brand new lotion bottles, your bathroom is a familiar spot for health and beauty related products. Slowly, the clutter will accumulate around the counters and in the medicine cabinet. Take some time to get rid of empty shampoo bottles and used toiletries. Check the expiration dates for everything and keep what you’re likely to use out. Invest in long term storage solutions and put what you want in them. This will help your bathroom look tidier and organized.



Does your fridge smell of moldy cheese? Check behind the drawers and throw it out immediately. It’s easy to forget about old food in the fridge, and these things can clutter up the shelves. Make it a routine to throw out used jars and expired food. This will open up more shelf space and help your fridge to run more efficiently. Not only will you reap the benefits of more food storage space, but clearing and cleaning your fridge will prevent bacteria from spreading to new food.



Decluttering your closet doesn’t have to take up a lot of time. Simply remove unwanted and unworn clothes and give it a good dusting once in a while. Neatly fold your clothes and create categories or designated areas for storing your clothes. This will make your closet look tidier and help you find the items you need faster.



Now that you’ve tidied the closet, it's time to move to your bedroom. Pick up yesterdays clothes from the floor and dress your bed even though of course, we know you do this in the morning. If you come across items that are not being used or don’t belong in your bedroom take them out and consider donating or selling them. Nowadays there are many platforms you can sell your clothes on. All you need to do is take great photos and price it below market value. For the items that don’t belong, send them to their designated place. Understand that your bedroom is one if not the most important area that you want to be decluttered and because you spend a lot of time sleeping there every night, you must take care of it.



Emptying your trash cans and recycling bins weekly ensures no unpleasant smells develop. A full bin attracts flies and maggots, which is why you want to make sure that you empty it as soon as it’s full. Don’t forget the little bins in your bathroom and bedrooms either. Although these tend to fill up slower, it is still a good idea to clear them out every week just to keep on top of things.



You can prevent piles of clutter from building up in your entryway by consistent tidying. Don’t leave mail and advertising leaflets on the floor. Recycle or throw away what you don’t need. Put the shoes you hardly wear back onto the shoe rack and neatly store your coats in their designated areas. You’d be surprised at how much space you can create by just putting things back to where they belong.



A common bedrest for your mail, TV remote, and other general small items, your coffee table can quickly fill up with everyday products that you frequently use. This leaves no space to actually put down your cup of coffee, the intended use for the table. You need to clear the table weekly and give the surface a quick wipe to ensure it is clean and clutter-free.



Makeup bags are filled with necessities that are typically used daily. Items like lipstick, eyeshadow and extra brushes are commonly found in there. However, sometimes you don’t use everything in that bag, and it’s just adding extra dead weight. Try emptying everything out and deciding what you want to keep. The more minimal your makeup bag is, the easier it will be to find anything.


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