Tips for Getting Organized at the Workplace


So we all know when work gets hectic, the first thing that appears out of order is our workspace.

Deadlines are missed, meetings go over its allotted time and paperwork … don’t let me start on paperwork.

As time passes, the chaos is put on the back burner and now your workplace turns into frustration no one wants to deal with.

The thing is, as long as you continue ignoring the pandemonium around you, your business begins its downward spiral.

Time management goes out the door, you begin to lose focus and worst of all you lose money.

The good news is the moment you come to the realization of the disarray, you can  turn it around and start fresh again.

Lets go through some tips on how to effectively organize your workplace.

1. Determine work “Regions”

Establish what type of action happens in each area of your office. This includes your main workspace, a reference area and a supply area. It is important to make sure the appropriate equipment and supplies are located in the proper area as much as possible. This is to make sure after use each item is in its place.

2. Focus on the Important and Urgent Tasks

If your tasks are neither important nor urgent try not to focus on such tasks. Make sure the important tasks are in fact important and work on those first. When complete, focus on the urgent tasks. All others can be dealt with on your spare time (emails, voicemails). Before your day starts, make a list of tasks you need to accomplish before you leave for the day.

3. Use an Organizer/Calendar

When it comes to listing your daily tasks, try using an organizer to jot them down. This keeps everything in one location which not only prevents you from forgetting what's important but it also helps you accomplish your goals. 

4. File weekly

Avoid letting your filing pile accumulate. A great rule of thumb is to place all completed paperwork in a “To be Filed” folder or storage bin and file everything once a week. Do not skip on this step because with consistency, it will help minimize the build up of paperwork on your desk and around the workplace.

5. Make a “Conference” folder

Put all items that need to be discussed, handed out, as well as next week’s topic in this folder. It’ll help you be prepared for meetings, effectively guide you through the meeting and keep everyone included in the meeting up-to-date on the latest information regarding the meeting.

6. Create an “Awaiting/Pending Response” (APR) folder

A lot of the paperwork we have on our desk are the prime cause to the clutter at work. They are usually put on hold until someone else responds or acts. Placing such papers in an APR folder will keep them at one place making it easy to get to when this stage is completed. Try checking it every 2-3 days for unresolved actions you may need to follow-up on.

7. Straighten your desk

At the end of every workday other than writing down the next day's tasks,  straighten your desk so you have a fresh start the next day. Discard what you do not need, place important documents in a designated folder and most importantly keep everything in its proper place. Because a messy desk makes it difficult for individuals to concentrate, keeping a clean desk will increase focus, boost morale and decrease stress levels.

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