Ready to be the best YOU? Incorporate these 4 life changers.

So just a few years ago I found myself clawing for perfection. The way I spoke, behaved, and looked had to be perfect. Not perfect like no strands out of place, but more so like Nicole Kidman in The Stepford Wives ... a robot! The idea of coloring outside of the line scared the shit out of me and the thought of not being the best at everything wasn’t even an option.

During this time work was going haywire, school felt like a battlefield and family – lets just say we could’ve been better. Everything was chaotic!

My space was in shambles, my mind was emotionally cluttered and life just sucked.

I discovered that the lack of creating order in my physical environment was affecting my entire life. The moment I began to get everything in order, I was able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Though the light was at a great distance, it was still there. It may sound bizarre but what I’ve learned over the years is that a cluttered, dirty, or confusing environment can cause us to feel worried, sad, helpless and out of control.

Instead of throwing in the towel, I decided to get a grip and organize. Here is what you need to be the best you.

1. Clear your Mind

As we all know, where there’s chaos, clarity does not exist and clarity is necessary to evaluate every situation we are in. When your space is in order and it exudes beauty, stress diminishes and you are able to focus more.

2. Create Order around You

As mentioned before, order helps remove chaos in all its glory. As much as we hated when our parents told us what to do growing up, order had to be present for us to mold into civilized individuals.

If you hadn’t noticed organizing has been present in your life since birth.

Though it may not seem as though we were taught to categorize or systematize our existence, without it we’d be lost.

3. Calm your Spirit

In the center of our body is this wonderful magnificent entity called our soul. When you surround yourself in an environment that allows your soul to speak through you, the wonders it creates is out of this world.

Meditation is a powerful act that sanctions the body and soul to be one.

The power of organizing creates a space that makes the act of meditating achievable.

4. Invite in Money

As you probably know, I love everything about Feng Shui and what I have found us by using its techniques, it can bring in money as well.

As mentioned in my previous blog post, adding specific colors in your corners, according to the Bagua Map, can exemplify the energy that flows through it.

This method also works in your money corner aka Power & Wealth.

Purple is a color that is associated with royalty, nobility, luxury and power so be sure to incorporate purple in your money corner and see what happens!

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