3 quick & easy tips on how to effectively clean up after the holidays


Okay so lets be honest, cleaning up after any event yet alone the holidays is probably the least fun thing to do. Oh the dreaded CLEAN UP . The worst part about all of this is you will probably end up doing it alone. DUN DUN DUUUUUUN!!! Well no need to worry any longer, Judi is here to help you combat this issue and end the New Year on a positive note.  

Below are 3 Tips that will help you master this process:

  1. Rock your Body — Adding music (your favorite tune) while you clean up really helps with your mood. According to many studies music actually triggers the releases of the ‘pleasure chemical’ dopamine. This is the same chemical that gets released when you eat your favorite food like pasta, French fries, or my old favorite vanilla bean cheesecake. I’m hungry now. By the time you finish, you’d be in such a great mood you’ll probably end up cleaning up the whole house.
  2. Ready set GOOO!!! — Using a timer to time yourself both keeps your attention and also makes the process fun. Yes the "F" word again. Here are three reasons why timers are beneficial to use.
    1. It helps you transition from an un-preferred activity to a preferred one. For example, put your timer at 30 minutes. Now you have 30 minutes to finish cleaning up. When those 30 minutes passes, you will be done and now you can move on to doing something you enjoy doing.
    2. It makes it easier to stay on task. When cleaning it’s easy to lose focus and get distracted but when a timer is included your likelihood of going off course is less likely.
    3. It helps make cleaning feel like a game. Who doesn’t like playing games? I do!
  3. Give it a Home — If you didn’t listen to the previous suggestions this one is the most important. In order for your space to remain clean after cleaning up it is important to put everything back in its place. Put your faux tree back in its box, put the decorations (in 1 box) back where it goes and don’t forget to remove those holiday lights outside and put them back in their home.

P.S., a quick way to put away Christmas Light is to first unplug them, then fold them in a V-shape motion, next scrunch them together, then wrap the remaining wire around the center then you’re done! Click here for detailed instructions

Be Wonderful!