Which Organizing Level fits you?

Many individuals want to get organized, and typically have an image of an organized space, but don’t understand what it truly means to get to that endpoint. 

Because of places like Pinterest and Instagram, many of us believe in order for our homes to be organized, our homes need to look a certain way. 

Today I'm going to breakdown the top three different levels of organizing and show you what practical versus the impractical especially for those of us who are new to the game. Though I’m saying impractical, it doesn't mean it's not a great choice to pick, it just means if you want to get organized and create a space that similar to those beautifully organized spaces on the social media, keep in mind that there's a process that needs to be followed and disposable income. 

If you’re interested, keep on reading.



This level should probably, in my opinion, be the most sought out level for most of us especially in the beginning. This organizing level is functional and practical. 

What does functional mean you ask? Functional means: designed to be practical and useful, rather than attractive. 

In this level your goal is to optimize the amount of space you have and create specific places for everything in your space so that they are easy to find without the clutter; though you may need to get rid of some stuff so you have room. 

Because the goal to being organized is to create a functional space so you can stop wasting time and money, the idea of focusing on the way your space functions is that perfect option for most individuals and is the easiest level for most to grasp. 



This level is both functional yet stylish so the organizing style is both practical and great to look at. To successfully achieve this level's full potential, you must be open to reducing the number of items you have in your space as well as make everything look uniform once organized. 

In this level you are more prone to using outside items to make everything look appealing this can be both purchased or items around the house. 

Items like containers, boxes, jars or anything that can hold items in place are ideal in this stage. As mentioned before just make sure you are open and willing to downsize your belongings. 



This level is what most of us seek out to achieve. It is beautiful, clean looking, distinctively designed, has an organized appearance but not as functional as the other two. 

Yes this type of Organizing is appealing but in order to attain this look, (1) you have to be open to owning less, (2) willing to spend money on organizing materials, and (3) maintain your space regularly.

This is the reason why this level is less likely to stay organized after the first time because of the lack of space due to the added organizing products being used and frequency of items coming into your spaces.

Places like the Container Store, Ikea, Home Goods and Amazon are great places to find organizing products just be aware of the what you will be purchasing and whether or not it's necessary.  

I'm not saying this level is at all bad, rather it's amazing especially for us to look at. It just requires extra attention because the motive behind it is for you to keep it up — which can be difficult to do especially during busier times. 

So next time you go grocery shopping avoid buying bulk and shop bi-weekly to avoid overfilling your pantry.  

Though all levels of organizing are great because the goal of getting organized is achieved though it may be temporary, I want you to keep in mind the different styles and recognize which style or level best fits your life at the moment. 

So which level fits you?

If you’re curious to know your organizing level and style that fits your home needs feel free to watch our video below.