If you live in the Houston area as I do, then this probably means little to nothing to you (Fall that is). Experiencing different seasons isn't a thing here and if we were to feel a hint of cool air, it may last for less than a week. I may be exaggerating a bit, but you get it. With Fall coming soon, it's important that we begin to get our homes ready for the changing seasons. I'm not saying to completely Fall-e-tize your home rather, going through the items you didn't wear in the warmer months, decide if you should still hold onto them, and reposition your kept belongings to fit your newly decluttered space.

With that said, it’s time to bring out your long sleeves, sweaters, jackets and coats so that you are ready for the colder months. If you’re interested in seeing one of our client’s closets where we organized and prepared it for Fall, keep reading.

girls (1).png

One of the first things we did to Fall-e-tize this closet was to go through everything and decide what to keep. Because this is a time-consuming process, we tackled it section by section to ensure we didn’t miss anything. Once that was complete, meaning the left over items were going to be kept, we changed out all of the plastic hangers to velvet hangers, which took about 4 hours due to the amount of clothes our client had.

After all hangers were switched out, we categorized the entire closet. One side was for all things tops, the other were for shoes and the another was for dresses. Categorizing your space not only helps create order, it makes the process of putting everything back in it’s place easier.

In order to use all areas in the closet, we also designated a few drawers to all the warmer accessories. The scarves, hats and gloves now have a place to call their home. We even added a small label as a reminder for their housekeeper so she knows where everything goes.

Even the sandals have a place to call home!

Even the sandals have a place to call home!

RMS-organized drawer

To complete the closet, we made sure we created a special place for boots. Because our client is fashionable and has a beautiful collection to show for, we made them the focal point of her closet so when she walks in she is greeted with her lovely shoes. Plus, since the colder months are upon us, she can now see her boots, therefore they’re easily accessible plus, she can easily choose the ones she wants to wear.


Lets us know your favorite part of this closet!! We have one.