Our Guide on How to Organize Your Home - What to Know

Our daily routine can be crazy and it can reflect our environment, which affects us. From ever-demanding jobs, kids, homework, and everything in between, it seems like many do not have the time to organize on the go before all the laundry and junk pile up. Instead of spending your hard-earned weekend hours catching up with your inner cleaning crew, do yourself a favor by adopting these easy-to-follow, keep-tidy-tricks. Soon enough, these tried and tested tips can become second nature, where your home can finally shine.

Tip #1: Categorize your belongings and delegate space for it

It’s always hard to keep track of keys, wallets, glasses, or other things we need but are lost continuously. When you designate a space for each item by categorizing them, you will find everything easy to trace and unquestionably in its place.

Tip#2: You can balance being organized and messy

Being naturally messy doesn’t mean you can’t be subtly organized. You can make the messiness look intentional by grouping items into categories and placing them together in its delegated container. A cute example would be a stash of winter hats and gloves all strewn together in a woven bin by the door, giving off a certain rustic charm.

After photo of a client’s Winter Closet

After photo of a client’s Winter Closet

Tip #3: Get creative with your storage containers

Let’s say you’ve got organizing down, but you find your stacked possessions unsightly to look at. The best way to turn it from an eyesore into something more eye-catching is by using appealing receptacles. Your pile of umbrellas, for instance, can level up its look when it's stored upright using a large vase or champagne bucket. Another example is using an over-the-door bag meant for shoes to store a myriad of things like your crafting tools, cleaning supplies, toys, and many more. You make the rules in your house after all, and that includes improvising with other commodities as a cheap space-saving solution.


Tip #4: There’s no such thing as too many hooks

Once you see the potential it offers when it's hanging up by the back of doors, on walls, or anywhere that needs extra storage space, you’ll find yourself instantly hooked.

Tip #5: Make the most of natural storage space

Sometimes it's tempting to shop till we drop and force all our clothes in a closet until it's ready to burst open. You can increase the breathing space by placing unused clothes in a suitcase under the bed or at the back of the closet. This not only gives you more area to hang clothes, but you’d have a focused capsule that you know you’d wear within the month. 

Tip #6: Make the most of vertical storage space

Instead of loading up your cabinets back to the front, you can make use of available space from the tops of items like a refrigerator or even kitchen cabinets. It may require you to use a step-ladder to reach it, so be sure to place items there that you only use occasionally.

Tip #7: Practice conscious buying

Introducing a new item into your home means knowing what you already have. Cycle through it one by one - do you think you have any unused clothes you want to replace with this newly bought shirt? If you find that you can spare to give away some items, do it while you can. The trick to keeping things organized is to do things piece by piece without waiting for the need to do a massive overhaul. It’s the little things that make up the bigger picture after all.

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