How to Declutter a small kitchen - Our Guide


When you live in a tiny space, it’s a lot more difficult to stay organized, therefore, there’s more of a chance that your place is cluttered, especially in the kitchen area.

With less storage, you are prone to throwing everything into the closest drawer or cupboard, just trying to fit it all in. Some people even just have a pile of random things on their kitchen floor! If you want to make room in your tiny kitchen, you’ve got to declutter. Here’s how you can go about it:


Chances are that one of the piles in your kitchen is a mountain of kitchen appliances. Although it can be hard to resist those incredible sales, the fact is that you don’t have room for a massive pile of useless appliances in your small kitchen. You will need to test and evaluate each and every one individually.

If you run across a few that don’t work, you may have to throw them away. The next thing you have to do is group the gadgets that you don’t need which includes anything that can be replaced with other kitchen tools. For example, specialized fruit slicers can be replaced by a knife. Those slicers can go straight into a donation box.


Some people are fond of purchasing more plates, cups, utensils, and tableware than they need. If you are one of those people, it is time to clear everything out. Unless you are frequently hosting big groups of people, there is no need to have an infinite amount of tableware. Sure, they may all be different, but you don’t need fifty bowls.

Take some time to sort out the ones that you never use and give them away. You can also wrap them up in wrapping paper and give them away as gifts to friends and family. If they are valuable, you can resell them as well.

Perhaps your validation for purchasing ten sets of tableware is that you hold a big party once or twice a year. Even if this is the case, instead of storing everything in the kitchen, move what you don’t regularly use into a box and store it in a closet or in the garage. Make sure that you label the box before you put it in the storage so that it’s easy to find when you do need it.


A tiny pot may look cute, but your medium-sized one can accomplish the very same thing. Sort out the pots and pans that aren’t necessary. Most of the time, you can use medium or large sizes to substitute for the small-sized ones. Since pots and pans are usually durable, it’s best to either gift them or donate them. Other people can make good use out of them. In the future, when you want to buy cookware, it may be a good idea to opt for bigger sizes as they are more versatile.


Decorating your kitchen is a great way to create a fun cooking environment but when you have a tiny kitchen, it’s important to keep things minimal. Large cookie jars, cake stands and even small appliances will take up most of your counter space, making cooking a struggle. Your tiny space will also look cluttered and overdecorated. Instead of leaving large items out, try adding small fridge magnets or wall art to the walls to add a pop of color instead. You can also do small enhancements like switching out cabinet handles or even updated your light fixtures.

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