Spaces That You Should Organize Daily - Our Guide

When it comes to daily organizing, it can feel like a major chore. But there are quite a few spaces that you should organize every day so that you don’t build up excess items that you don’t need. Taking a few minutes of your time each day to clean out these things will help you stay in control of your space and belongings. If you aren’t already, here are some of the things you should be decluttering every single day:


Cleaning your bag daily will keep it organized and clutter-free. When we bring our bag places, sometimes we tend to throw things like receipts or candy wrappers into it. Many of us will treat our handbags as a trashcan, so get rid of those little things so you aren’t lugging junk around all day.


This is another place where you shouldn’t keep any unnecessary things. Remove things like receipts and other scraps of paper, such as money. You can also make sure that your cards are all in their proper slots and that nothing is missing. Remove any excess coins that might be sitting around in your coin purse, weighing your bag down.


Sometimes we just rush in and out of the house on a daily basis. Whether you were heading to the gym or you just took a quick shower before work, we all have a little pile of clothes sitting in the corners of our rooms. Return all items to their proper places. You should fold or hang up any clothes that you have not worn yet and make sure to put any dirty laundry that you’ve already worn away into a laundry basket or hamper.



Whether you have a work area at home or you work in an office building or studio, you will want to keep it clean. An organized workspace will allow you to focus more on your job or task at hand. It will also allow you to find things more easily, as you won’t have to root around in your drawers looking for things when they’re organized better.


If you use your car every day, it’s probably best you avoid leaving empty coffee cups or other pieces of garbage lying around in it. Take some time at the end of the day, even for just a few minutes, to clean out all the random trash you might’ve left in your car.


You want to make sure that your kitchen counters are clean and that they’re a welcoming workspace for cooking. When you’re making food in the kitchen, you don’t want random clutter sitting around. Besides, having extra space for chopping or rolling can really make cooking faster and more efficient.


If you’re one of those people that have thousands of unread emails, you will definitely want to clean up your inbox, even though it’s all digital! Whether you read the emails, answer them, or delete the ones you don’t need to see, it is important that you do declutter your email so that you can see the important ones that you actually need to read.



It might not seem so important to make your bed every morning because you’re going to sleep in it again tonight anyway, right? But cleaning up your bedroom and making your bed will make your space feel more inviting and if you have surprise guests coming over, your room will look a lot more organized.

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