How to start decluttering your closet - Our Guide

Have you been spending much more time to get dressed in the morning because you struggle to find your favorite sweater? Or a shirt? Or basically any other clothing piece? If the reason why you cannot find anything in your closet anymore because of the giant pile of clothes taking over your floor, it is safe to say that it’s about time for you to consider decluttering your wardrobe.

 We get it. Getting rid of clothes can be heartbreaking, especially if you love fashion as I do. But trust us - you will feel sad only for a short time because life will be much better with an organized closet - we guarantee it! If you don’t know where to start, here are a few ways to begin decluttering those clothing piles:



 Throwing your clothes away might be rather difficult, especially if many are still in great condition. Rather than sentence yourself to a lifetime with a dumpster closet, however, why don’t you consider donating them instead?

 Try to go through all of your clothing pieces, shoes, and accessories, separating the ones you want to keep and those that you no longer wear. There is no point in keeping them at the bottom of your closet when someone else would be happy to wear them. Pack what you don’t want and put them in a donation box. Knowing where these clothes are going will help the decluttering to be easier.

 If you have three closets full of clothes, it will certainly be quite a challenge to clear everything in one day. Therefore, don’t rush the process. Pressing yourself too much will make you feel overwhelmed and possibly cause you to give up. Take your time and clear out the clutter, drawer by drawer. We recommend that you put a donation bin next to your closet to throw any unwanted items into every day. Once it is full your clothes will be ready to go to a new home!



 If you don’t have a lot of time to declutter, try to do it more often. Instead of digging through your clothes for 8 hours straight once a year, spare 10 to 15 minutes sweeping through your closet weekly. This way, you will not feel overwhelmed trying to get it done. It might even make you feel more calm and relaxed while decluttering. It is important to keep this routine going on the regular. Do not skip a week until your closet is well-organized. The reason why you should be consistent is that you will not lose track of trying to declutter.



 Small, frequent decluttering sessions are incredibly important, but they will not make deep cleanings obsolete. Seasonal decluttering is when you have to take every single thing out of the closet, wipe the closet walls, dust the shelves, and vacuum the whole wardrobe. After that, you will have to go through every piece of clothing before you put everything back in. Believe it or not, while you are placing everything back in its place, you will spot a few items that you don’t want anymore. Toss them into the donation bin and end your cleaning session with a drive down to your local donation center. Though the best time to do this is at the beginning of every season, if you are reading this either in the middle or end of the season then do it NOW!



Even though I’m using the term hoarding, if you believe you may be a hoarder I would suggest contacting a specialist in your area who would be able to properly assist you. If you believe you possess hoarding tendencies, then I’m talking to you. Look at yourself and contemplate if you have a propensity to hold on to a large amount of items for a long period of time. If you do, the first step to combating this behavior is to get rid of the clutter right now before it gets worse.

Most hoarders have a hard time getting rid of things because to them every single thing in their possession has sentimental value. There’s nothing wrong with keeping your mother’s pictures or items that represent someone to get organized you need to keep these type of items at a minimum. In order to truly enjoy your space in its entirety, you have to refrain from emotionally attaching yourself to material items. Therefore, including functional systems in your daily routine and changing old habits will help minimize the clutter in your closet once and for all.

If you’re looking for a Professional Organizer in Houston, TX to help you declutter and organize your closet, get in touch with Rescue My Space today! We’re always more than happy to help.