How to get rid of Sentimental Items

This is a subject that probably carries the most weight out of any other matter I’ve ever encountered in my line of work. Sentimental items are the reasons to some of our existence. They hold a lot of weight, encompass our history and most importantly conjure memories that bring smiles to our faces. Lets be honest, the sentimental items we possess hold a special part in our hearts therefore they can NEVER be replaced let alone rid of.

Trust me, I get it. I currently have a box of sentimental items at my parents house right now and the thought of getting rid of them bring anger to my heart. Okay, maybe not anger to where I’d punch a hole in the wall if they were gone. More so, the kind of anger that feels like part of your heart has been ripped out of your body. Like when someone tells you, “ I have to tell you something” and you know what comes after that is information that will piss you off.

I can go on and on about the fear that takes over my body when I have to get rid of sentimental items but that’s not what this is about. Or is it? Okay, it’s not.

Buttons now has a home and is happier than ever!

Buttons now has a home and is happier than ever!

I’ve had to deal with getting rid of sentimental items my whole life. As my life would change, those items no longer had a place in my environment. Because of that, I had to find different ways to cope with the loss which has gotten me here today. Below I have 2 things you can do right now, that will help you get rid of those sentimental items that once had a purpose in your life. Remember these are things I’ve done in my life that have impacted me so it may be different in yours.


Just from reading the title you probably already know what I’m talking about. Because the items in our lives typically have a life cycle, the best way to remember your sentimental items is to take a picture of it. What this does is captures the item in it’s current fresh and beautiful state and allows you to visualize the joy the item once brought you. Whether the item was given to you from your grandma, your first expensive purchase or even artwork from your child, it will eventually be forgotten especially if it’s out of sight. Rather than just storing it away behind old “nothings (things you’ll never use again)” therefore collecting dust, say cheese and take a picture of it. You can even take it a step further and create a book or an album full of your sentimental items. Once created, you can place it on your coffee table and make it a conversation starter. Just a thought.


  1. As you read above, I do have a box full of sentimental items dating back to elementary. I’ve held onto letters, dead rose pedals and an ugly key chain I will neva eva eva eva eva eva use. Each and every item in that box reminds me of a person, place I’ve been to or time in my life I apparently still want to experience. Though these things mean nothing to me at this time in my life therefore I know no longer need them in my life, there’s a reason I’m sill holding on to them. What will I do with an old sock I wore in middle school? Nothing….. With that said, holding on to a few (10 items at the maximum) I think is okay. We are all different and have experienced different things in our lives so I can’t tell you what to keep and get rid of but I do believe holding on to a few will combat unnecessary clutter and still allow you to hold on those things that mean something to you. Of course you do need to understand you will be sacrificing some.

The goal of this post is to share my personal experience with sentimental items in my life and give you some ideas on how you can get rid of or minimize them. As you are, I am always going through my own organizing journey so I hope this brings some ideas on how you can remove the excess clutter out of your life so you can live free.