How to Declutter Your Room in 15 minutes

The act of decluttering all the unnecessary things from your home can be liberating. Many people claim that they don’t have time to clean out their homes because they’re either too busy with work, school, and other responsibilities. However, you don’t have to set an entire day apart to clean. This article will be your guide on how to declutter your bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen without spending more than fifteen minutes in each room!

 This means that you won’t have an excuse to put it off anymore. If your house is rather large or you have too many possessions lying around that make it impossible for you to declutter in a short period of time, you can always make this into a daily or weekly routine. Over time, you will be able to declutter everything! So grab a hamper and a duster - let’s get started.


Depending on the size of your bathroom, how much stuff you have, and how quickly you move, it should take you anywhere between ten to fifteen minutes to declutter everything. For this room, you will need a trash bin, a hamper, a recycling bin, and a catch-all bin. Here is a step-by-step to declutter your bathroom:

1. Set your hamper down in the doorway.

2. Put all of the dirty towels, including the hand towels and face cloths, into the hamper before replacing them with clean ones.

3. Look through all the trash in the room and toss them in either your trash bin or recycling bin. For example, throw empty shampoo bottle into the recycling bin while putting all used tissues into the trash bin.

4. Toss all of the things you think don’t belong in the bathroom into the catch-all bin, such as pocket change or pieces of forgotten jewelry.

5. Once everything is decluttered, you can go ahead and take the hamper into your laundry room!


Pro Tip: If you keep finding things that don’t belong in your bathroom but are things that you use every day such as a makeup brush or hairpins, then you might want to consider bringing in a makeup jar or a small organizer and placing it near the sink.


Let’s face it - one of the things that require the majority of your attention in your bedroom is that closet stuffed with old and unworn clothes. However, if you’re racing against time, leave the closet for another day. To keep the time that you spend decluttering your bedroom under fifteen minutes, let’s leave the closet alone for now and focus on your sleeping area and the surrounding spaces. Again, you will need a trash bin, a recycling bin, a hamper and a catch-all bin for this room as well.

1. Set your hamper down in the doorway as you enter the bedroom.

2. Start with your bed tables, tossing everything into the proper bins.

3. Pick up your catch-all bin and glance around your room to see if there’s anything out of place. If you find things that don’t belong such as magazines or glasses, put them all in the catch-all bin. Chances are you may find a lot of work papers, books, and other clothing items scattered around your room.

4. If you find any dirty linens or unwashed clothes, put them in the hamper.

5. Check everything once again to see if there’s anything you may have missed.


Having a clean and uncluttered kitchen is key to having a pleasant time cooking and planning meals. Here is how to make your kitchen as clutter-free as possible in under fifteen minutes!

1. With a small bin in your hand, put all of the things that don’t belong in your kitchen into the bin.

2. Put everything that is outside of their storage spaces back into their place. Note that most of your cooking items often find their way to your countertop or on the island so it might be a good idea to start there first.

3. Put all of the appliances back into their designated storage spaces. Don’t forget to unplug and wrap their cords properly. If there are appliances on your countertop that you use every day, assign a proper spot for them while making sure that they don’t take up too much space.

4. Check the inside of your refrigerator and toss out old food and expired stuff into the bin.

5. Rearrange items inside the refrigerator for maximum storage space.

6. Make sure that all your containers, bottles and bins are stacked nicely on the shelves in your kitchen cabinets and pantry.

7. Go back to the catch-all bin and return everything back to its proper place.


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