Decluttering vs. Organizing

You may be thinking of a way to get your space in order because there has been days where you couldn’t find anything. There has been times when you walk through your front door and immediately walk out because you knew for sure that you walked into the wrong house. You know you need a change better yet, your home needs a change but you’re conflicted on what route you should take.

This is a common struggle a lot of us go through as we’re in the process of change, growth or just plan lazy. Life continues happening and our space experiences a downpour. With all that said, before we even think about rescuing our space, we have to decide which process (decluttering or organizing) will we follow.


Cluttered Closet

If your space is overflowing with stuff then decluttering is probably to best option for you. This means you will take everything out of its place, put them in one area and sort through them only keeping the items you want (love) and/or need. Decluttering is the process of elimination. You can do this room by room, section by section, item by item or by color. There is no right way to do it just as long as it gets done. To make this process easier, try putting a timer in your phone for 2 hours and GO. Once those 2 hours are up, you can focus on something else.

Just be sure to work in small areas at a time to avoid having items laid out everywhere after those 2 hours are done. Owning less stuff is the outcome when decluttering which ultimately means there will be less to clean, you may reduce stress and finally have time to focus on that project you’ve been meaning to do.



Having to much stuff may not be the issue for you rather your space lacks functionality. If this is the case, organizing your space just may be the best option for you. This requires that you create order in specific areas in your home by re-arranging it, color coordinating it, adding organizing products and just merely finding a place for everything. Unlike decluttering, this process takes less time, of course if you’ve already space planned it out and it also involves knowing a little something about decorating especially if your goal is to make your space visual appealing. The most important part of organizing is maintaining your space after everything is complete, which can be seen as the most difficult part.

What makes it so difficult is that you have to keep up your space. That is, you have make sure after you use an item you place it back in it’s space every single time because if you skip a step your space is more likely to go back to where you it was before. If you do have a good maintenance plan, your space will thrive and stay organized, which is the overall goal of course!

Whether you’re looking to declutter or organize your space, it’s up to you to determine what your space needs according to your current life style. For some of us, our lifestyles include caring for children, a partner and a dog and for others it includes running a business or frequently attending happy hour every Wednesday, Thursday and lets not forget Fridays. Where ever you are in life, you have the duty to create a space that works in your favor and to enjoy the HELL out of it.

If you ever have any questions at all about how to declutter or organize your space, feel free to call me at (832) 680-1089. Comment below and let me know what option best fits your space needs.

Thanks and I’ll talk to you soon!