Let It GO!


This concept sort of seems obvious since letting go of anything really only requires a trash bin and a thought. Like, you take an item and throw it away therefore it will never be seen again, right?

If only it were that simple.

With landfills constantly growing where 4000 – 5000 tons of trash is being processed per day six days a week especially here in the Houston alone, the idea of individuals having difficulties letting go of possessions may seem a bit hard to believe.

But believe it. With the amount of pressure we have to get the latest items or to have the next best thing, it's no reason why the average American household owns about 300,000 items.

I'll be first to say "We have a Problem" and "We need HELP."

I personally believe there are major stages in our lives when we should let go of stuff. Because we’re constantly evolving and looking for different ways to re-invent ourselves, what better way to do so than to let go of all things that no longer bring positivity, make us upset or no longer serve us. If you’re wondering, “what the heck does things serving us mean?” Well since you asked, it’s when something hasn’t been used for long time (over 2 years), it doesn’t make your life better, it conjures negative thoughts, or is just plain fugly and clashes with your home décor.

So here are 3 Stages in our lives when we should start thinking of letting things go.


I have always been skeptical when dealing with this subject because of the multiple emotional stages death brings. There is no true way to say how someone should cope with loss yet alone move on but one thing I know is the belongings that are left behind typically never get used. A lot of times, it gets put in a room or thrown in storage and left alone for years. Unless, the items are valuable and have been appraised for a dollar amount you’re willing to accept, or there’s a family member who has a use for it, it may be time to let it go. Of course, I do believe it’s okay to hold onto some items especially if they ignite emotion and you're not ready to let go. For those items I’d suggest putting them in 1 clear container (Yes I said 1) and storing it away. Whenever you’re ready to let them go, you will know.

A  B R E A K U P

I’ve been through several break ups in my lifetime and this has been something I’ve followed for many years and each time I did, it worked. After a breakup, regardless of what it is, get rid of everything your ex gave you. Whether that’s a ring, a pen or even a house. It’s important that you remove yourself from these past possessions because once the relationship is over, you’ll need to detox your life from all things that remind you of that person or of the old you, so you can move and experience what's new to come. 

L O S I N G  W E I G H T

When you're losing weight you’re not only getting rid of pounds, you’re also getting rid of all the negativity that came with those pounds. During this phase in your life, you’ll be discovering a new you and with that comes new possibilities, new adventures and let’s be honest, new stuff. That means, those old clothes that no longer fit, let it go. This also includes old habits, old thoughts and old behaviors.

So instead of viewing your weight loss on a linear aspect, try viewing it as an onion with many peels. Before you get to the core which is the actual shedding of the pounds, look at the various characteristics in your life that may need some reviewing. I'm more than positive you will need to let go of something on the way. 

Though it may appear when you let something go it requires a lot of physical manipulation but in all honestly it's more than that. Letting go requires loads of mental activity which may be difficult to confront at once but over time it will get easier especially for those more sentimental stuff. 

If you have items in your home that are difficult to let go, let me know in the comments section below so we can discuss how to let them go. 

Thank you for your time and I hope this pushes you to begin your organizing journey. 

Until next time!