3 Simple ways to Organize your Shoes

Hello Spacers…. Is it sticking yet??? When I was in my early 20’s shoes were my thang. Not thing but thaaaang! I loved everything shoes and if it was on sale, I was buying multiple. There was a time in my life when I owned over 150 pair of shoes at one time. It got so bad I had to house a lot of them in other rooms and honestly at that time I still thought I needed more. Like I said before, it was my thaaang! Anyways after years of evolving and finding love in more meaning things like creating and travel, that love shortly drizzled.

Jumping forward to now, I still love shoes, but I am very selective in the ones I choose. I stick to the 2 out 1 in rule where when 1 pair comes in 2 goes out and I’m so happy with the amount I have now.

As my collection decreased, my love for finding ways to simplify the way they are stored and organized has increased and I’ve found 3 shoe organizers that I use and love to recommend to others.

Below are 3 of my favorite shoe organizers that have transformed the way my shoes are organized. Each image will be clickable if you’re interested in getting them for yourself. I hope this inspires you to get your shoes organized and to live a more organized life. 😊


Shoe Organizer #1: Hanging Shoe Shelves

This organizer neatly stores and organizes 30 pairs of shoes easily. It’s perfect for organizing closets, laundry, playroom and many other spaces in the home. Because this organizer does take up quite a bit of space, it’s ideal for closets or areas that are medium to large size or have extra space. Assembly is quick and once it’s set up in your space, you’ll have no problem keeping your space organized. Gone are the days when your shoes are forced to sit on the floor. Now they can hang in peace and stay organized.

hanging shelves.jpg

Shoe Organizer #2: Under bed Shoe Organizer

If you are lacking storage space, this organizer will help keep your space organized and best of all hidden. Because it has many shelves, you are able to fit a good number of pairs of shoes comfortably. It’s even great for heels! Assembly is quick and simple and most importantly can be stored not just under a number of furniture items. If you’re looking for a simpler and inexpensive method of combating your shoes, this organizer does the job perfectly.

under bed organizer .jpg

Shoe Organizer #3: Shoe Stackers

This shoe organizer is a bit different because rather than storing your shoes in the organizer, you will store your shoes under and on the organizer. The organizer creates more space in tight areas so if you need to add more shoes on a shoe rack or in a shoe cabinet you can easily. Once your stacker is out of the package it’s ready to use which is essential when simplicity is your goal. This particular shoe stacker organizer only comes with 6 stackers but if you have more than 6 pairs of shoes, you will definitely need more. Besides that, this is a great organizer to incorporate into your space if you’re looking to store your shoes in a more efficient and cost efficient way.

shoe stackers.jpg

If you're interested in learning more about different organizing products that are simple to incorporate, assemble and can transform the way your home functions, let me know in the comments section below. 

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