Is being Organized really for you?


So you may be thinking to yourself, of course being organized is for me. Why wouldn’t be?

Sure, you like the idea of all of your cups sitting in a nice row and your closet looking like the rainbow but is this really for you? Let me explain. I completely understand that your life is chaotic and you feel like everything that's going wrong is happening. Then the moment you consider giving up you come across some images of organized spaces on Pinterest and you think to yourself "I need to get Organized" but honestly, this may not solve the problem.

Think about it. The only reason you decided to get organized is probably because of an image you saw rather than because you really need the help.

I’m not at all saying the images we see on social media or design sites are bad because in reality, they actually act as triggers to show us what our homes can potentially look like when organized. I am guilty of doing this and I’m not ashamed of it. I just want you to acknowledge the fact that they aren’t realistic. They are just a portrayal of a space that took hours to create.

What you need to ask yourself when considering getting organized first and foremost is “Am I ready to get organized?”

Organizing your space let alone your life is a process that takes time, requires patience and understanding to achieve. It takes time because you are changing the way you think and that is something that can’t be done in a day. Depending on the amount of stuff you have in your space, it requires patience to go through and figure out what you’ll be keeping. Most importantly, you need to understand what you are getting yourself into because as many things, this is a process and in order to master a routine you have to create a habit – which can take up to 360 days. YIKES!

It may seem daunting to know that being organized can take a while and honestly it can sometimes seem like a never-ending process but once you begin to see the advantages of being organized brings into your life, it won’t seem that bad.

So let me ask you again. Is being organized really for you?

Until next time!

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