How To Make A Vision Board


So my birthday was last week (April 24th and I turned 29) and as I turned one year older, I realized the visions I had for the past year didn’t really happen. I felt I worked hard but I was lacking. After doing a lot of internal discovering, I decided to create a vision board. Though this wouldn't be my first time creating one, this time I put a lot of thought and really put my heart into it.

Because a vision board is a place to display your dreams, inspirations and goals, I've discovered in order to truly reap the benefits of your vision board it is essential to come at it with true authenticity and belief. Keep in mind, a vision board is a guide that helps you achieve your true passions so the more you view it and believe in it, the more your dreams will come true.

I’ve decided to do mine a little different than the traditional way. Because our vision tends to change as time progresses, I wanted to make sure it would be easy for me to add, remove and move around items on my board.

Below are the items materials I used:

  • Magazines
  • Scissors
  • Glue/tape
  • Pinterest (images & quotes)
  • Pictures of yourself/loved ones


Before I began cutting, printing or writing I first wrote down all of my aspirations/goals for the year. This may take a while, since this process requires that you jot down goals for the year. After jotting all of your ideas down, its now time to be creative!

Next, search for all of the images, words, colors - everything you want to add onto your vision board.


Before printing out all the images I found on Pinterest, I placed all images/quotes on a word document and formatted them.


After that, cut out all the things you want to put on your board.


Once that's done, determine where you want to place each item on your board. You can create different sections in your vision board but I decided to keep it as authentic and real as my vision!


After you’ve figured out where you want to place everything and how you want your vision board to look, it’s time to put together your board.


This is how my board came out. It has everything that resembles my vision and wants for my life this year. It’s kind of like a piece of my heart on paper or in my case on metal.


If you’re interesting in hearing the breakdown of my board, CLICK HERE. I created a detailed video explaining the whole thing.

Thank you so much for reading my post today. I'll talk to you tomorrow!