Ode to the mornings. Many of us hate you but love sleeping through you. We avoid you so much; we’d rather skip breakfast and wait hours before we eat for the first time of the day. Though we dread you, you are the most important time of the day and we are ready to conquer you. Let me be honest, with this time change, I’ve been lacking. I’ve noticed that I’ve been getting up later than before and I feel my days are becoming shorter and less productive.

My mornings have been dragging and I can no longer find enough energy to enjoy it. So for the last two weeks I’ve incorporated the following steps and now my days have made a complete transformation. If you are someone who is tired of wasting time and ready to take back your mornings and enjoy them, continue reading.

  1. Create a Morning Checklist — If you are someone who tends to forget things after you’ve left the house, a checklist will be your best friend. Make sure you put it either near the front door or at a location in your home you frequent most. Before you leave, run through the checklist and leave your home at peace.
  2. Put out your clothes the night before — Deciding on and putting out your outfit the night before will not only save you time in the morning, it gives you an idea of what you will wear that day as well as gives you an Plan B in case you decide to wear something different.
  3. Shower the night before — The best part of showering the night before is you can fully enjoy that shower since you winding down for the night. It also helps you save 10-15 minutes in the morning so you can focus on other aspects of the morning.
  4. Create a Breakfast Meal Plan/Menu — Meal plans are the best especially on the days you have time constraints. Breakfast meal plans take the stress out of rushing to make breakfast and as mentioned before saves you extra time in the morning. If you are looking for ideas on what breakfast ideas you can meal plan, check out these blogs (sweetpeasandsaffron) and (operation$40K).
  5. Simplify your makeup routine — For us ladies who love to always look put together, the makeup portion of our morning is probably one of the most important stages. If you are someone who spends way to long on your makeup routine, I’d suggest you cut down on the amounts of makeup you possess. Purge the ones you don’t use or don’t suit you and only keep the ones you love. You can also opt for using products that have multiple functions. For example, make up brands like Milk Makeup, Stila and Bite Beauty have great makeup that serve multiple purposes. To be honest, you can use most type of make up products anywhere on your face (don’t quote me!)
  6. Avoid hitting the “SNOOZE” button — The good ole’ snooze. Oh how I’ve loved you in the past. Sadly I’ve had to give you up for good. Rather than hitting the snooze, push yourself up, open the blinds/window and begin the day.
  7. Crank up the music — Because music boosts up energy and makes us feel good, once you wake up, turn on your favorite song and dance your morning away ... or maybe, as you get ready for the day.
  8. Style your hair the night before — This stage is most critical in my morning routine because at times it can take me more than 30 minutes to do my hair each day especially when I choose to wear it curly. I braid my hair at night and all I have to do in the morning is unravel my hair, style and move on to another task. It has changed my morning routine exponentially!
  9. GET UP EARLIER — I know this is something no one wants to hear but if you’re someone who tends to be late to work, early appointments or feel like you never have enough time in the day, getting up early will make all the difference. At first, it will be difficult but once you stay consistent you will reap the benefits.

Choosing the right morning routine that works with your lifestyle is what will truly enhance your day. Though I’ve shared with you some of the things I incorporate in my life, doesn’t necessary mean you have to. I would suggest adding one practice to your life and once you conquered that, move on the next. You are the master of your day and starting it off with you in control makes all the difference.

Chat with you next time!