Valentines Day wish list for the organizer in your life:

  1. What better gift to give someone who loves being organized than a planner. This beautiful planner was made with a minimalist vibe. It has all the bells and whistles necessary to plan out your day, week and even year. It’s so aesthetically pleasing it can be used as a coffee table centerpiece.
  2. Though this basket appeals to the masses, it may not appeal to that person in your life. Instead of giving them this, a better option would be to give them a gift card to none other than The Container Store where this was purchased.
  3. Aloe Vera plants are not only lovely to look at, they naturally purify the air. Another advantage is they require low maintenance so practically anyone for care for it.
  4. Acrylic organizers are great because they are multi-functional. It also spices up any room it's in.
  5. There’s nothing better than enjoying a day at the spa, especially when it’s a gift. It’s not only a thoughtful gift, it’s a type of gift that won’t create clutter in your home.

If you’re interested in learning more about gift ideas to give to that loved one who either has adopted a more minimalist lifestyle or who doesn’t like typical Valentines gift, email us at

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